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The Complete Third Season episodes (13)

1 Barbara Gordon
The season three premiere episode catches up with Jason in Gotham. Frustrated by the short leash he's been kept on, Jason is desperate to make his mark on Gotham City - if only Bruce Wayne would let him. When he locates the Joker's hideout, he sets out to confront the supervillain alone. And his rash actions have tragic consequences far beyond what even he could predict. Meanwhile in San Francisco, the Titans are operating as a well-oiled crime-fighting machine - until they receive the devastating news about Jason. Dick immediately returns to Gotham, where he meets up with his former fighting and romantic partner, Barbara Gordon, as well as mentor, Bruce (recurring guest star IAIN GLEN). Consumed by guilt and changed by the loss, Bruce considers taking an irrevocable step into the dark side and crossing his own moral line, which could end his days as Gotham's protector forever.
2 Red Hood
In the aftermath of the Joker's death, Gotham's villains gather to discuss the new power structure - when they're introduced to the mysterious Red Hood, who claims responsibility for "retiring the Batman." Meanwhile, Dick brings the Titans to Gotham City, against Barbara Gordon's wishes, warning them that the city breeds a special class of criminal. When a terrified woman, wearing a red hood, shows up asking to see Nightwing, Dick pays her a visit at the GCPD. Recognizing the signs of a fear toxin, Barbara sends Dick to Arkham Asylum to meet with Jonathan Crane, a former supervillain who's agreed to cooperate with the GCPD. When the Red Hood gang stages a bank heist, it's all hands on deck for the Titans - including the estranged Hank and Dawn - but Dick is floored when he comes face to face with Red Hood and learns the truth behind his identity.
3 Hank & Dove
After digging up Jason's grave only to find it empty, Dick confirms to the Titans that Jason is not only alive, but has now become Red Hood. Although Hank is quick to show no mercy, ironically he's the Titan that a desperate Jason reaches out to for help. Unfortunately, Hank's reunion with Jason becomes a standoff with Red Hood. Using Wayne Enterprises technology against the Titans, Red Hood sets a trap for Hank, Dawn and Dick with no seeming escape. And as all the Titans - including Kory, Conner, and Gar at Wayne Manor - race to save both Hank and Jason, time is running out for one of the original Titans.
4 Blackfire
With everyone devastated by the unbelievable loss to the team, the Titans are in disarray. When Jonathan Crane is brutally attacked in Arkham Asylum, compliments of Red Hood, Dick takes matters into his own hands and intercepts Crane's prisoner transfer in an effort to draw out Red Hood. Meanwhile, Kory has been plagued with violent dreams, falling into a trance state and lashing out at anyone who gets too close. Unable to help the Titans, Gar reluctantly helps Kory track down the source of her episodes, leading them back to Kory's sister, Blackfire (new series regular DAMARIS LEWIS).
5 Lazarus
In the aftermath of Red Hood's fight with Nightwing, Jason reteams with Jonathan Crane. In flashback, we learn the story of how Jason became estranged from Batman, found his way to Dr. Crane, and the tragic turn of events that transformed him into Red Hood.
6 Lady Vic
When a new lethal assassin reappears in Gotham, working with Jonathan Crane, Dick and Barbara recognize her from years before. Known as Lady Vic (guest star KIMBERLY-SUE MURRAY), she's lethal with any type of blade and worked at cross-purposes with Dick, who at the time, was still operating in Gotham City as Robin. While we're introduced to this earlier version of Dick Grayson, we also see how he first found himself drawn to Barbara Gordon, who was out to break all the rules. Meanwhile, Gar and Kory bring Blackfire back to Wayne Manor, where she forms a tenuous bond with Conner, as fellow outsiders. Lastly, Crane steps up the next part of his plan for Gotham City.
7 51%
As Gotham reels in the aftermath of Red Hood's initial attack using Crane's fear toxin, the leaders of the city's criminal underworld meet to discuss the chaos disrupting their business. Crane unexpectedly appears at their meeting, reassuring them that it's all part of the plan. With their help, the city will end up in his control. Seeking out Crane's next move, Dick and Barbara consult the Oracle supercomputer which sees and hears everything in Gotham, while Kory and her sister look for answers from crime boss Valeska Nox (guest star WENDY CREWSON). Although Crane manages to stay two steps ahead of the Titans, they do secure a lead on his operation. Lastly, Kory and her sister reach an understanding regarding their past, present, and future.
8 Home
While Crane makes plans to poison Gotham's water system with his fear toxin, Jason begins to realize he might have made a mistake. Meanwhile at Wayne Manor, Kory is still plagued by visions - this time not related to her sister, who's now forming a relationship with Conner. Not willing to give up on one of the Titans, Gar tracks down Jason through Molly - and Jason agrees to meet with Dick alone. Dick, however, gets an unexpected visit from Tim Drake (recurring guest star JAY LYCURGO) a smart, bold teenager who knows all of Dick's secrets and wants to join the team. Wanting to prove himself, Tim follows the Titans into their latest dangerous encounter with Crane.
9 Souls
Tim Drake wakes on a mysterious train, delivering souls to the Underworld. Panicked, he encounters Donna Troy - also on the train. Convinced that he doesn't belong here, he leaps off the train and Donna, ever the caring hero, follows him, in order to keep him safe. Pursued by dark forces, the two go in search of a bridge back to the living with the help of a familiar ally. Meanwhile, on Paradise Island, Rachel breaks every ancient law in the hopes of using her magic to resurrect Donna. But some things are impossible to change.
10 Troubled Water
With Crane's toxin poisoning Gotham's water supply, the city is in chaos. To make matters worse, Crane has pinned the blame on the Titans, turning the terrified citizens of Gotham against the team. To regain the city's trust, Dick convinces the Titans to turn themselves in to Barbara and the GCPD. But with Red Hood buying off an unstable police force ripe for corruption, nothing is going to go as planned. With the Titans in disarray, Gotham on its own, and Wayne Manor soon to become "Crane Manor ," things are looking particularly bleak. Except for the unexpected return of two Titans - Rachel Roth and Donna Troy.
11 The Call is Coming From Inside the House
As Crane relishes in his victory from the Batcave in Wayne Manor, he sets the final piece of his plan in motion - the death of Nightwing. Scattered across Gotham, with no way to communicate, the Titans struggle to fight back. While Dick tries to subvert Jason from Wayne Enterprises, Donna meets up with Tim Drake and enlists his help. Meanwhile, Gar and Rachel use her dark magic to locate the Lazarus Pit - in which Red Hood was reborn. On the streets of Gotham, a powerless Kory taps into her visions once more, this time learning the truth about her powers and her sister. And while Crane finds himself haunted by his own weakness, Jason and Dick meet for a final battle that pits brother against brother.
12 Prodigal
In the devastating aftermath of Nightwing's battle against Red Hood, Rachel and Gar race to Dick's aid, but fear that they may be too late. While Dick struggles against his inner demons in a battle for his very soul, Jason begins to realize that his own soul may have been lost - as well as Gotham - to the machinations of an increasingly unhinged Jonathan Crane. With Barbara locked up by her own corrupt GCPD, Donna leads a resistance to take back the streets of Gotham with the help of an eager Tim Drake. Lastly, outsiders Conner and Blackfire set out to retrieve her ship in a bid to escape to Tamaran.
13 Purple Rain
The Titans band together once more in the final battle for Gotham against the madness of Jonathan Crane. While Barbara finds an unexpected ally working within the GCPD, the Titans refuse to play the game by Crane's rules, handling things their own way. As Crane unleashes his lethal endgame poisoning the city, it's all hands on-deck for every member of the team - past, present and future - as they infiltrate Wayne Manor and set out to harness an ancient power that transcends life and death in the epic season finale of Titans.

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TITANS explores and celebrates one of the most popular comic book teams ever – a group of young soon-to-be Super Heroes recruited from every corner of the DC Universe. In this action-packed series, Dick Grayson emerges from the shadows to become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes, including Starfire, Raven and many others.

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251 reviews
Dwayne Farver
July 10, 2021
I was late to watching, but I'm glad I did. It seems this is a love it or hate it type of show. I found myself doing both at times, but ultimately I enjoyed both seasons so far. While I'm familiar enough with the characters and basic story, I'm glad they didn't use the origin story from the comics verbatim. Yes, this is dark. That's a problem with a lot of people that like to compare DC to Marvel. They're different stories and different characters. And I for one and glad they aren't trying to use the same cookie cutter formula. Titan's Season 1 is focused (if you can call it that) on Rachel. I'm not even sure they called her, Raven once. Which is fine. It gives a new level to the character. They do that a lot with each character. The, "not quite what you're expecting," factor is why I kept watching. That and the acting. You'll love to hate Jason Todd. And you'll wish they spent more time on Kori (Starfire).
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Aura Honeydew
June 8, 2019
A solid show bold in reinventing characters in R rated world a true spiritual sequel to he Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel. But suffers due to that stupid Batman is off limits rule that makes the character's appearances be a let down as he's turned to a character with no voice or even a face being nothing more than a walking silhouette. Just give us a Batman! Also disappointed in the finale, it doesn't feel like a end to a season but a advertisement going "Next time...The rest of it!".
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Egan Swift
December 4, 2019
If I could give this show 0 stars, I would. THIS SHOW STINKS!!! It's so bad!!! I came really go into detail on here, but if you just watch the season 2 finale, you see ALL the issues with the series as a whole. The finale was my brothers first experience with the series, and he hated it. And I told him that's how the whole show is.
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