Halloween Wars

584 reviews
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Halloween Wars Season 12 episodes (9)

1 That Voodoo That You Do
The teams cast a sweet spell with the voodoo queen of New Orleans.
2 Monsters of London
The teams create displays inspired by London's haunted Hellfire Caves.
3 Escape from Alcatraz
Three teams imagine a monster prison escape from haunted Alcatraz.
4 A Coven of Confections
The teams are inspired by a coven of witches looking for revenge.
5 All Dolled Up
Zak introduces the five teams to The Island of the Dolls in Mexico City.
6 Boos and Booze
The four remaining teams must conjure up a ghostly rave party.
7 Killer Waves
Three teams dive into their deepest fears inspired by the haunted sea.
8 Dressed to Kill
The final two teams are inspired by the haunted catacombs of Paris.
101 Road to Halloween Wars 2022
The search is on for competitors who can handle Zak Bagans' challenges.

About this show

Cake decorators, sugar artists and pumpkin carving experts battle it out as they create Halloween-themed edible displays. The last team to scare off the competition will take home a $50,000 grand prize.
584 reviews
Christopher Horton
September 26, 2021
This show had become an important Halloween tradition for my family. However, they took out everything great about the show in season 11. No more pumpkin carving, no more Small Scares, no more sense of frenzy while racing against the clock. Too much focus on chatter between the judges and the tasting elements. The new set looks nice, but that's the only positive change; everything else was ripped out or downgraded. We will just rewatch some previous season this year. Very disappointed!
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Russell Rogers
October 29, 2018
Basically it's the group project of reality show food wars with a horror/Halloween twist. Putting together three strangers who are experts in either pumpkin carving, pulled sugar decorating, and cake decorating as a team to compete against similar 3 person teams is fun to watch since it's not just bakery vs. bakery. Plus the creations that some of these teams come up with are huge and amazing but be warned that guts and gore are encouraged on this show. Anyhow, if you're into shows like Cake/Cupcake Wars; Halloween Wars will be up your alley.
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A Google user
October 25, 2016
The only reason I am giving this show a bad report is because it wouldn't work. I bet is is a fun and funny show to watch but I have rean some of the other reports and I'm not the only one. This is happening to other people. For example my friend tried to watch this and it was perfect. He gave a good report. My other friend said the exact same thing as I did. If you can fix this i will proboly give it anouther report and thank you for fixing it. I will try tommorow and if it doesn't work. I will coment on this and say that it still doesn't work. Thank you if you can fix it and if not it is ok atlest you tried, right?
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