Scooby-Doo and the Vampires

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Season 1 episodes (7)

1 The Vampire Strikes Back
While visiting the hex girls at a Transylvania Castle, the gang runs into a real-life vampire.
2 A Close Encounter With A Strange Kind/A Fit Night Out For Bats/The Chinese Food Factory
Aliens kidnap Scooby, Scrappy, and Shaggy./The gang encounters vampires on a rainy evening./The dogs use their "noodles" to catch a thief.
3 Vampires, Bats & Scaredy Cats
The gang visits a friend on an island reputed to be the home of vampires.
4 From Bad To Curse/Misfortune Teller/Vild Vest Vampire
The gang retrieves a gypsy queen's stolen magic amulet./Shaggy's job as a carnival fortune teller suddenly becomes dangerous./Yabba-Doo and Scrappy thwart a vampire's evil scheme.
5 I Left My Neck In San Francisco
The appearance of a hideous Lady Vampire ruins the gang's visit to San Francisco.
6 Hard Hat Scooby / Sopwith Scoopy / Canine To Five
A vampire-like foreman terrorizes the gang as they construct a building. / The gang competes in an air show against an evil baron. / The gang works for a scientist whose experiments transform him into a werewolf.
7 A Gaggle Of Galloping Ghosts
The gang visits Franken Castle, which seems to be crowded with famous inhabitants Dracula, the Monster and Wolf Man.

About this show

Beware of dark and stormy nights! In The Vampire Strikes Back, Scooby-Doo and the gang watch the shoot of a new Hex Girls music video, only to be victimized by vampires. And when the gang celebrates a friend’s birthday on Great Skull Island, they discover a host of vampire bats have decided to crash the party in Vampire Bats and Scaredy Cats. Enjoy these two pisodes and five more.
4 reviews

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