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Season 17 episodes (20)

1 Langley Dollar Listings
When the opportunity arises to become a realtor on TV's hottest reality show "Langley Dollar Listings", Francine and Roger compete to take the spot. Francine lands the job and is a smashing success as a realtor, but Roger schemes to take her place. Meanwhile the rest of the family opens a Coffee Shop in their garage.
2 Dressed Down
Stan reveals to the family that he's never felt comfortable in casual clothes and that he only feels confident in suits. To help Stan, Roger revitalizes an old fashion designer persona and creates custom clothes tailored specifically for Stan. Stan finds joy and confidence in his new look, but Roger becomes jealous of all the attention. Meanwhile Hayley and Jeff raise chickens in the backyard.
3 The Book of Fischer
When Stan and Steve take a trip to the barbershop, Stan tries to impress Steve by showing off his conversation skills. However, the trip backfires and Stan reveals that he is terrible at small-talk and his own friends are uncomfortable chatting with him. During a desperate attempt at maintaining conversation Stan reveals that Tuttle is in the Witness Protection Program and forces Tuttle to go on the run from the Mafia. Meanwhile, Jeff Fischer records everything that is happening in his new notebook.
4 A Roger Story
Steve and Snot's friendship is threatened when their moms decide to no longer be friends. As Francine and Mrs. Lonstein's relationship becomes increasingly hostile they impose rules on the boys, forbidding them from seeing each other. In desperation the boys turn to Roger for help, but Roger is in the midst of his own personal journey to figure out a new persona.
5 Epic Powder Dump
The Smiths recreate the family ski trips of Stan's childhood.
6 American Graffito
When Stan learns that his favorite 1950's themed diner is going out of business, he attempts to save the restaurant by igniting 50's fever. Meanwhile, Hayley takes advantage of the closing by lobbying to be the manager of the new restaurant that opens in the diner's place. The conflict envelopes the whole town as father and daughter battle to see which version of the restaurant can succeed.
7 Beyond the Alcove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Klaus
Francine hosts a dinner party for all her friends but is frustrated when Klaus becomes the center of attention. Klaus has been working on his people skills and his new personality wins over the crowd, driving Francine deeper into jealousy. When her desperate attempts at gaining attention backfire, Francine asks Klaus to teach her how to become more interesting.
8 A Song of Knives and Fire
Francine and the kids are tired of Stan constantly taking out his frustrations on the family, so when Francine wins a raffle to spend a week with the Langley Falls fire department, she gives the winning ticket to Stan. Francine then creates a small fire so Stan has the experience of putting it out, but the fire awakens a dark desire within Francine and she becomes a serial arsonist. Meanwhile, Roger takes on the persona of a daredevil knife thrower.
9 The Curious Case of the Old Hole
Steve and Snot plan to spend their summer vacation at a secret swimming hole, but they are devastated when they discover the hole has been ransacked and polluted. When the police refuse to take the situation seriously, Steve and Roger become their detective personas "Wheels and the Legman" in order to crack the case. Meanwhile Klaus becomes Principal Lewis' emotional support animal.
10 Gold Top Nuts
While returning from vacation, the Smith family's airplane crashes and they wash up on a deserted island. After taking shelter in an abandoned lighthouse, the family begins to experience strange phenomena. Eventually, they are unable to remember who they are – or why they are on the island. Stripped of their memories and identities, they attempt to discover the meaning of their existence.
11 The Three Fs
Francine spends lonesome days by the backyard pool, trying to get the family to come outside and spend time with her. When a group of lively frogs appears in the neighborhood, Francine becomes friends with the animals and encourages them to move into the pool. But the frogs hold a dark secret and their relationship with Francine becomes predatorial. Meanwhile, neighbor Greg is preparing for a big news anchor audition.
12 Smooshed: A Love Story
Steve and Snot take a school field trip to the city of Philadelphia, where Steve plans to ask out the girl he has a crush on. When the trip chaperone goes missing and the kids are turned loose onto the city, Steve and Snot get lost in Philadelphia chasing the girls of their dreams. Meanwhile, back at home Stan and Francine eagerly awaiting word of Steve's adventures.
13 The Fast and the Spurious
The Smith Family is fed up with Roger's terrible driving and refuse to ride anywhere with him. In an attempt to prove to the family that he is a good driver, Roger launches the family into space, where be pilots the ship. When his bad driving takes the ship into the far reaches of space, Roger must find a way to save the family and prove himself. Meanwhile, Klaus and Jeff are stuck by themselves at home.
14 A League of His Own
Stan is the leader of the C.I.A. softball team and Steve worships him like a baseball star. Hayley is fed-up with Steve's hero-worship and wants to prove that her father is a fake. When the siblings go head-to-head to prove which one of them is right, they accidentally reveal one of Stan's darkest secrets, sending Stan off on a quest to find his true self. Meanwhile Francine gets locked in a porta-potty.
15 You Are Here
Roger acts as the caretaker for a down and out shopping mall, desperately trying to keep the mall running while stores are dying out. When Steve arrives looking for a summer job, Roger hires him and the two try to find a way to revitalize the mall. As Roger and Steve finally find success in bringing back customers, Steve learns the mall's terrible secret. Meanwhile the rest of the family open a food truck business.
16 I Heard You Wanna Buy Some Speakers
While Barry's parents are out of town, Steve and the boys pressure Barry into having a party. When they accidently break Barry's father's stereo, Barry and Snot set off on a journey to find new speakers. The journey leads them to a deranged music enthusiast, one of Roger's personas, who becomes obsessed with Barry. Meanwhile, Stan tries to pull off a back flip.
17 Hayley Was A Girl Scout?
Stan is arrested for crashing into the C.I.A. flagpole and for community service he is assigned to assist Hayley with her Girl Scout troop. Stan's plan is to sleep through his service, but when he forms a bond with the girls, he pushes Hayley out and takes the troop over. Meanwhile Steve uses his rich imagination to escape the pressures of daily life, but the stress of the real world begins to break into his fantasies.
18 Please Please Jeff
Jeff's desire to make others happy and his fear of conflict turns him into a people pleaser with the inability to say no. When Jeff's inability to set boundaries ruins his wedding anniversary, he sets out to find his heart's desire and prove his love to Hayley. Meanwhile Stan attends a work costume party dressed as a character no one knows.
19 Jambalaya
Francine grows a garden and wants to use her vegetables to make restaurant-quality dishes. The garden inspires Roger to remember a recipe for authentic Jambalaya and he attempts to re-create it. Francine tries to help Roger make his dish, but Roger takes his passion too far and opens a jambalaya restaurant in the house. Meanwhile Hayley and Stan stalk their favorite social media influencer.
20 Gernot & Strudel
During Klaus' birthday party, the family learns that Klaus doesn't know how to share, and this is creating a rift between Klaus and his boys. When the family attempts to teach Klaus how to share, they discover that Klaus learned all his manners through an obscure German kids show. When the family investigates the show and re-creates it to help teach Klaus manners, the experiment backfires and unlocks a secret trauma that Klaus has been suppressing since childhood. Meanwhile, Steve helps Roger prepare for a piano recital by keeping him sober.

About this show

An animated comedy revolving around Stan Smith, a CIA agent in Langley Falls, VA, whose main objective in life is national security. His family, a talking goldfish and a space alien rescued from Area 51 keep Stan busy while he tries to prevent terrorist activity in the U.S. Watch American Dad Mondays at 9/8c PM on TBS.
6.34K reviews
Raymond Griswold
February 21, 2022
You get what you want, from this show. They have a variety of writers so you get something different each episode. There is nothing out of reach. The writing is genius and there’s nothing i look forward to more then new episodes of American Dad. I buy each new season even though I can watch it for free with my cable provider and the TNT app or wait until it’s released on Hulu but I would never be able to wait. It’s one of the only shows I actually try to find out when the new season starts as soon as the season finally is over. I am American Dads number one fan.
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Marc Bradley
May 26, 2015
I don't know if it was the move to TBS, if they got new writers, or if they just ran out of material, but season 10 is just awful. I keep watching, hoping the next episode will be better than the previous one, but they're always a disappointment. With that said, having 9 out of 10 good seasons is still noteworthy. Fingers crossed season 11 is worth watching.
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Russell Lee G
January 23, 2016
Great show with new material. (Not rehashed drek like family guy) why doesn't peter Griffin just have a heart attack and DIE ALREADY..F.G would be great if he was gone (regardless of its 60 year old vaudeville jokes
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