Alaskan Bush People

4.17K reviews
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Season 14 episodes (14)

1 A New Crossroad
The Browns begin the new Spring with differing ambitions.
2 Heart of a Wolf
Crisis strikes another member of the Wolfpack.
3 Growing Pains
Gabe leads a risky salvage job while Bird fights to return to Alaska.
4 Coming Home
The siblings adventure north to Alaska to kick off a property hunt.
5 The Alaskan Code
Noah risks losing a dream property to help an Alaskan bush family in need.
6 No Sleep Till Petersburg
With the clock ticking, the Brown siblings face boat trouble in Alaska.
7 Growing Pains
The Browns fight stormy seas en route to storied Mosman Island.
8 All Aboard The Barter Train
Noah must complete a tricky barter to secure an ideal Alaskan home.
9 Gabe Against the Machine
The Wolfpack juggles three big projects that compete for resources.
10 Gold Blooded Browns
The Browns assemble their gold mining rig and set up a first longhorn sale.
11 A Golden Future
The Browns strive to turn their dream of mining on the ranch into reality.
101 World Beyond the Wild
Mother Ami challenges the Wolfpack to each complete a bucket list item.
102 Above Us Only Blue
The Browns reflect on unseen moments as they embark on a new chapter.
103 Heart and Soul of the Pack
The Wolfpack honors the crucial role Bird and Rain play within the family.

About this show

Deep in the wilderness lives a family who was born and raised wild. The Browns live off the grid and rely on each other to survive.
4.17K reviews
A Google user
October 5, 2018
The entire family is endearing. Like Billy, I am from Fort Worth, Texas. So sad he lost his parents at such a young age. Every member of the family have their own individual talents. I discovered the show this season & have tried to watch all of them from the time Rain was 9 years old. Having visited Alaska on two Carnivsl cruises, when I see the towns, I recognize where they are talking about. My Dad was sort of like Billy & didn’t like living in the city or close neighbors and was very private at different phases of his life. I was the only girl & had 3 brothers. I can relate to every member of the family. Ami reminds me of my Mom. She was the epitome of the perfect mother, very quiet, demure, loving, & religious. Noah is like my baby brother. There is nothing he couldn’t do, design or make. Intelligent and very handsome. Wouldn’t be surprised if he became a famous inventor one day. As for Ami, like her, my Mom had cancer-non-Hodgkin Lymphoma & we lost her in1999. My Dad has a bear , mustache, long gray hair & became an actor, singer, songwriter and musician. His stage name was Rusty LEE & you can see him in Raising Arizona in the bank scene. . Matt is a darling.
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Diane Womble
August 8, 2017
I like the message that they resonate of God and Family. I find wilderness living fascinating. Each family members personality is interesting and entertaining. Noah and Bam Bam are probably my two favorites, but, I think they are all wonderful. I do have to say after watching several episodes it doesn't really appear that the family actually lives in the woods. Their "homestead" looks more like a camp, than a homestead of twenty years. I'm just thinking that given their intelligence that home would be more refined than looking like a camp, albeit simple living.
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Brian Waller
June 25, 2016
A fantastic reality show about a family of nine . Billy Brown & his wife are parents that have raised there seven children completely off the grid an successfully raising them all along with all it takes a person must have and know to survive not only to survive in the bush but as well morally to successfully remain most importantly stay close as a family that can work well together as a team. I think that Billy and his wife Ami, are to be congratulated at raising such fine and hard working kids. I can
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