The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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Season 3 episodes (9)

1 Revenge Marks the Spot
The women of Salt Lake City are back. Jen attempts to reunite the ladies at Coach Shah's 51st birthday party. Lisa's salacious rant has redefined her friendship with Meredith, but Meredith reveals some alleged Lisa rumors of her own. Jen prepares for pretrial meetings in New York. Whitney turns to Heather for support as she begins to break all ties with the Mormon church.
2 Searching for Sereni-Tea
Whitney plans a girl's trip to Arizona to support Jen before her trial, but is blindsided when Meredith shares an alleged rumor about Lisa. While Jen gets emotional support from her mom, Lisa talks to Jack about his future. An emotional experience with a Shaman inspires the women to open up.
3 Courtside Conundrum
Whitney shares information about her childhood with the group, shocking the other women. Meredith and Lisa have a short-lived clemency, but Heather calls out Meredith on her superiority complex. After an afternoon of activities around AZ, Jen hosts a party in honor of Meredith but chaos ensues.
4 Bad Weather Betrayal
The Arizona girls trip goes from bad to worse when Whitney and Heather face off. An anxious Jen leaves the trip early for pretrial meetings in New York. Whitney reunites with her siblings to seek answers on her past. With Jen gone, the women speculate about Jen's trial.
5 On Thin Ice
Jen returns from pre-trial meetings in New York with unexpected news. Heather hosts a ski day to reunite the women, but tempers flare when Lisa discovers Angie H. is invited. Whitney attempts to resolve her conflict with Heather but realizes their friendship might be over.
6 Finsta Fight
When Heather is caught telling a lie, Lisa sets the record straight. Whitney is surprised when Justin is unexpectedly laid off. Meredith and Angie H. have a double date with their husbands. Jen turns to Heather for support but is blindsided when Angie H. arrives at Heather's choir auditions.
7 Choir of Chaos
All hell breaks loose at choir auditions when Jen confronts Angie H. Hoping to rise above the drama, Lisa recommits to her faith. Whitney talks to Heather about the distance in their friendship, creating an even greater divide between "bad weather.
8 RSVPlease
Jen, Lisa and Whitney unite to address their issues with Heather, but only Lisa finds common ground with Heather. Meredith copes with past family trauma. The husbands meet up for a BBQ. Jen and Angie K. invite the women to San Diego, but an interaction with Danna causes Jen to storm off.
9 Not a Yacht of Fun
Meredith convinces a reluctant Jen to include Danna on the girl's trip, but when Angie K. claims the primary bedroom, she becomes a target in Jen's line of fire. Heather, Lisa and Whitney take sides, but when Angie K. retaliates with an accusation against Jen, it becomes an all-out war.

About this show

The megahit franchise heads to the scenic mountains of Salt Lake City for a peek inside the unconventional lives of six successful women navigating an exclusive social circle in a city where religion, status and perfection are praised to the highest degree. Representing an array of religious beliefs, including Mormon, Islamic, Jewish and Pentecostal, these Utah ladies have been blessed with luxurious homes, multi-million-dollar businesses, glamorous lifestyles and families. But the pursuit of perfection can take its toll, leading to plenty of drama within their elite group.
26 reviews
March 16, 2022
ONE STAR FOR THE APP. Sick and tired of the Google play app. Works when it wants to, doesn’t download purchased content the next day (usually about a 4 days after it premieres).. No longer supporting Google play LOVE the housewives though.
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Corinne Williamson
January 17, 2022
Fascinating, intriguing, shocking, shamazing LOL. This franchise is my favorite so far and it does not let up, the drama just keeps on coming. I love the constant shifting of alliances, though Lisa Barlow <3 remains my touchstone. Sounds like S3 coming up is also going to be great and I cannot wait!
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Jeffrey Frasher
January 20, 2022
THE BEST of all the real Housewives Franchises. Wow... soooo damn good!!!!
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