The Equalizer

98 reviews
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Season 3 episodes (6)

1 Boom.
In the aftermath of her abduction, the walls between McCall's family and vigilante life continue to crumble as those closest to her must come together for the first time to save her, on the third season premiere.
2 Where There's Smoke
The team helps an NYFD firefighter's daughter when her father suddenly goes missing. Also, Aunt Vi and Delilah continue to cope after McCall's abduction.
3 Gaslight
When a widowed single mother claims her dead husband is attempting to kill her from beyond the grave, McCall and the team help uncover the truth.
4 One Percenters
A motorcycle club seeks McCall and the team's help in keeping a member out of prision by proving the illegal guns found in his van were planted.
5 Blowback
When a smuggler being detained by the CIA must be transferred quickly to a secure debriefing site, McCall works with Carter Griffin to ensure he arrives unharmed. Also, Dante deals with the possibility of his father being released from prison.
7 Paradise Lost
After Misty (Kelly Rowland), a superstar singer deciding to retire, receives a terrifying fan letter, her head of security hires McCall to track down the culprit.

About this show

THE EQUALIZER is a reimagining of the classic series starring Academy Award® nominee and multi-hyphenate Queen Latifah ("Chicago," "Bessie") as Robyn McCall, an enigmatic woman with a mysterious background who uses her extensive skills as a former CIA operative to help those with nowhere else to turn.
98 reviews
Carol Pack
October 24, 2021
Im going way back when i first watched her perform. few yrs. later,acting in a dark down on your luck film "set it off" A diversive RAP,dancer.ur.own jams.i can go on,MY Favorite was BRINGING DN> THE HOUSE! Lord knows what Magic u personified ur-self with.Please stay with this so far, well written series...They tend 2 double talk,making you think its better off in the incenerator!u have not met ur pottencil yet. b-pt. Your sad i forgot y i ryped u! ahahahaha! YOU GODO YOU
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February 22, 2021
We LOVE this show. Queen Latifah is outstanding. The energy and sparks between Robyn and Det. Dante are scintillating! This is the type of content we need MUCH more of. There is no reason to keep recycling the same old tired actors, The Queen gives CBS is much needed shot in the arm!
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Bruce Roberts
January 13, 2022
Great show, I just wish they would create a deeper storyline where the CIA or an off-book rogue element nefariously gets "Queen Latifa, aka The Equalizer" under their thumb, to force her to go on Black Ops for them, etc.. etc... Spice it up a little bit, get her pissed off!
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