Shark Tank

2.05K reviews
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Season 14 episodes (22)

1 Shark Tank LIVE!
Home viewers have a chance to weigh in on whether the Sharks should take the plunge and make a deal.
2 Episode 2
A kit for teaching how to create cuddly animal characters; a trussing device designed to cook the perfect bird; a company that provides convenient personal storage for medical necessities; an update on Beatbox Beverages.
3 Episode 3
A unique tool for carving pumpkins; a foldable 2-in-1 fitness product; a new version of a traditional Korean dish; a sculpting play set designed for children.
4 Episode 4
A solution to make moving to and from college easier; an African-inspired home-decor line; a natural nonalcoholic beverage; a product for bringing clean air into homes; update on the Mad Rabbit tattoo aftercare line.
5 Episode 5
Emma Grede, the CEO of Good American guest sharks; a napping product designed to reduce stress; a product which allows kids to unleash their creativity without the mess; a line of cozy accessories for the great outdoors.
6 Episode 6
Guest shark Peter Jones; a luxury apparel line designed to elevate one's office look; a portable way to enjoy beverages on tap; a fruit preservation device; a fruit-infused wine collection; an update on Curie, a natural product line.
7 Episode 7
An artisan cheese delivery service; a product line designed to keep cars fresh; a stylish lighting kit for sports equipment; a solution designed to refresh and enhance all shaving needs.
8 Episode 8
Daniel Lubetzky guest sharks; a way to attract hummingbirds; easing anxiety with an entertaining product; a fire-defense system; a wearable fitness design makes it easier and faster to sweat; an update on Basepaws, a pet genetic testing company.
9 Episode 9
A customizable home decor delivery service; a hand-held product made for children; a better way to learn how to play a classic game; a reusable home decor design; an update on Ready Set Foods, a system for preventing food allergies in children.
10 Episode 10
Gwyneth Paltrow guest sharks; a healthier version of a favorite breakfast indulgence; a product designed to keep beverages crisp and cool; a low-calorie superfood alternative; an eco-friendly version of a baby product.
11 Episode 11
DoorDash CEO Tony Xu; a clean beauty brand alternative; technology designed to help maximize progress at the gym; a modern twist on a traditional healthy beverage; a sustainable health care product line.
12 Episode 12
Guest shark Daniel Lubetzky; a beauty line that uses an ancient symbol of Mexican culture; a product for healthy drinks; an allergen-free snack; an entrepreneur introduces beverages inspired by the flavors of his Latin American culture.
13 Episode 13
A nontoxic product that helps dispose of cooking oils safely; a tool that transforms eating utensils into a common kitchen accessory; a viral device designed to help save time and lessen fatigue; a product designed to keep critters out.
14 Episode 14
Emma Grede guest sharks; a product aimed at keeping smiles fresh and bright; a solution to a growing problem in the apparel industry; an anti-chafing product; a beverage with African roots; an update on Cupboard Pro.
15 Episode 15
An edible flower company; a way to be active yet protected while under the sun; a clean makeup brand; a modern dental tool used for oral care; an update on Foam Party Hats.
16 Episode 16
A self-sanitizing baby accessory; a storage solution for road trippers; a pet safety service; a nutrient-dense sweet indulgence.
17 Episode 17
Pitches include a twist on the traditional ice cream cone, a gadget to help control a cellphone safely while on the move, an app for travel enthusiasts and innovative winter equipment; update on Bee Sweet Lemonade.
18 Episode 18
A portable product for those who enjoy camping without the dangers of creating a wildfire; a smoothie-making machine; an oral health product; a portable cooler accessory; an update on fashion business No Limbits; guest shark Daniel Lubetzky.
19 Episode 19
A self-sanitizing baby accessory; a storage solution for road trippers; a pet safety service; a nutrient-dense sweet indulgence.
20 Episode 20
A nutrient-rich energy bar; a gender-neutral clothing brand; a portable children's toy; a healthy Mexican snack company.
21 Episode 21
Entrepreneurs come into the Tank eager to secure a deal with a Shark. Featured pitches include "miracle" berries, a clothing brand founded on mental health, edible food paint for children and satin-lined headwraps.
22 Episode 22
Pitches include a social media star's board game, HBCU collegiate fashion designs, a wardrobe accessory and an innovative eyewear design.

About this show

Shark Tank gives aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to capitalize on their ideas with help and financing from one or more self made multimillionaire tycoons. But before contestants can make their business dreams a reality, each must go before a panel of savvy and outspoken Sharks to pitch their concept in order to get the funding they need.

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2.05K reviews
October 28, 2020
I used to adore this show. I'd watch it every night with my older brother, mom and dad during dinner, and we'd eat pizza and garlic knots, and it was amazing. But I saw how much things changed drastically. I, personally, have not watched the show in about a year. I'm not sure about my parents. But, the thing is, I've seen how much people have started to dislike this show and what it has brought. I can't really take this by my own word, but I've seen that all of these people are very rude and misunderstanding now, and they're not being very polite to these new entrepreneurs. At first, I thought that these people who were rating the show were lying. But, I've seen many ratings that have the same wording and the same reasons why they don't like it anymore. I'm sincerely disappointed in this show now, but I'll try to write a more valid review once I get back into watching this show. But, I don't ever think that day will come, if I'm being honest.
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Nicole Starr Allsbrook (Nicki)
April 10, 2016
I get so nervous! I see the passion and hard work people have in their products. But I can understand the other side too. ...It hits close to home with the disappointing ,hurt in their eyes and heart. I had a class mate, for15yrs.(same 20 kids Preschool thru graduation! Have a bond like sis&bro.s) Lee's family owned a land&a hog farm.My mama was manager!Extremely smart & creative!His bro.was turned down on a science show.He had gadget w/camera to find people in fire!Brilliant! Only had to make 1 tiny tweak.
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A Google user
July 25, 2012
This is the only show that I actually make plans to watch every week. It is so well done - bringing in the small business owners and inventors and seeing how a deal, if any, turns out. From the investors critique of the pitches, to the offers and counter-offers, to the weekly updates from past deals, this show is not only entertaining but also a great way to learn how (or how not) to present an idea and calculate an idea's value in the real world. LOVE IT!!!
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