Sister Wives

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Sister Wives - Season 16 episodes (13)

1 There's No Me in Polygamy
Kody declares that he now wants his own lot on the property.
2 Four Wives, Three Fires
Kody organizes an outdoor get-together for the whole family.
3 Not Social but Very Distant
The wives come to a major decision about the property lots.
4 Cistern Wives
Meri and Janelle talk through old wounds after the family splits four ways.
5 Sad Sorry Lonely Little People
Kody's absence during Ysabel's surgery and recovery upsets Christine.
6 No Head Wife
Kody produces a list of COVID rules that Robyn's kids' nanny must follow.
7 Choosing Kids Over Kody
Janelle's kids blow up and call Kody's COVID rules "stupid."
8 Two Cliques
The Brown family is more divided than ever as they make Thanksgiving plans.
9 The Teflon Queen
Kody faces off with his sons, and Janelle suffers a huge loss.
10 The Beginning of the End
After a family gathering, the Brown family has their first COVID exposure.
11 One on One: Part 1
The Browns talk about their most contentious season yet.
12 One on One: Part 2
Christine discusses being a basement wife.
13 One on One: Part 3
Kody and Christine share news that will change the family dynamic forever.

About this show

The lives of Kody and his four wives.
1.15K reviews
Sheri W
January 12, 2022
WOW! This family has really moved away from their faith. Kody complains about COVID-19 being the reason for the separations - the separations were already there - COVID-19 just exacerbated them. Kody and his wives need to revisit their faith. They need to surround themselves with like minded polygamists. Grounded in faith and the polygamy mindset the solutions to the COVID-19 should be in the background if everyone is vaccinated, boosted, and following the CDC guidelines. Surface germs are not an issue unless you're not washing your hands and I doubt anyone is licking surfaces of mail, boxes, etc. Leadership is compromising, delegating, and most importantly being loving. Kody needs to remember if he is the father - his needs are last. Grow up Kody and stop being so selfish. The moms putting their needs last for the children is how you keep a family together. Time is finite Kody - you will never get back this time with your children. You keep it up too long and you will lose them all. You have to remember your covenant with God - you never cast away a wife - she is your wife - Mary is a beautiful soul and worth working back too. She made a mistake and you must forgive her and move forward. God knows you have not been perfect in the marriages and I think it is wrong of you to not be able to forgive her. She is key to helping you get your family back together and having her input and support is truly essential to it working with the other wives. They see you so easily cast Mary aside has now you have put a small wall/worry in all your wives and even your kids. Polygamy only works if everyone is treated as if they matter and no one is expendable. Kody you all need to revisit your faith - you are lost - it is your family's only hope. Please lighten up on your COVID-19 rules, they are a little over the top! Just get follow the CDC guidelines and get some rapid tests and then have everyone test before you get together. Happy 2022 to the Browns!
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A Google user
May 28, 2014
Interesting concept. I couldn't do this. There is a lot of emotional issues with the girls. I appreciate that the wives deal with insecurities, jealousy, and building better relationships with each other. Kody is an exceptional person who believes his family will be one, and loving. They love God, and show their belief in Him. I watch the kids growing up in this lovefest. I doubt their daughters will ever find a man like Kody for a husband. I think of King David, and King Solomon who had many wives.
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Teresa Larlham
March 10, 2013
I love the show for the sense of family it gives. They are all caring, loving adults raising a brood of children with love and the freedom to be who they are. It is so refreshing to see a bunch of kids that are not selfish, spoiled, in trouble, disrespectful, or rude. Sometimes Cody acts like a kid himself but the wives seem to be able to deal with him and reel him back in. It seems to work for them, so I say let them be to live and love in peace.
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