WWII: Masters of War

2018 • American Heroes Channel
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Season 1 episodes (5)

1 Winston Churchill
May 28, 1940, while the Wehrmacht crushes the allied armies in France, British officials prepare to face Hitler. Alone against all, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, by his cleverness and willingness, finally convinces his collaborators to fight.
2 Charles de Gaulle
June 16, 1940. Paris has fallen to the Nazis and the German conquest of France is almost complete. Prime Minister Henri Petain plans to sign an armistice with Nazi Germany, but French General Charles de Gaulle secedes and rebells against the policy.
3 Adolf Hitler
June 22, 1941, Adolf Hitler launches the largest military offensive in history, against the Soviet Union: Operation Barbarossa. Blinded by his fire power, signs his death sentence.
4 Franklin D. Roosevelt
December 7, 1941. Japanese bombers attack Pearl Harbor and sink a large part of the US Pacific Fleet. President Franklin D. Roosevelt decides it's time for the United States to strike back.
5 Joseph Stalin
February 1945. It's clear Nazi Germany lost the war. But the real winner remains uncertain. At the Yalta Conference, the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union, compete for the domination of Europe.

About this show

They are the men who are making History. In a time of crisis or war, any personal decision by any national leader can change everything. Like a 24h thriller, through archives and historical reconstitutions, live the day when great individual choices provoked great twists in the course of the conflict.

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