2011 • Nickelodeon
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Volume 4 episodes (16)

1 The Blonde Squad
While wearing a blonde wig and blue contacts for a film, Cat meets a boy and they quickly hit it off. When Cat realizes he thinks her costume is real, she worries he won't like the real her.
2 Wanko's Warehouse
The gang's favorite megastore is having a massive sale. In order to avoid a huge line of customers, the kids hide out in the store until it closes so they can grab what they want before it's gone.
3 The Hambone King
After posting a hamboning (rhythmic thigh and knee slapping) video online, Robbie is challenged for the title of Hambone King. When Robbie is beaten, Tori agrees to help Robbie avenge his defeat.
4 Opposite Date
After a group activity falls apart Tori and Beck decide to go on an "Opposite Date" where they do things that people would never do on a REAL date.
5 Three Girls And A Moose
Tori, Cat, and Jade compete with each other to win the affection of Beck's big, handsome, hockey loving Canadian friend, Moose.
6 Cell Block
Sikowitz challenges the kids to go a week without using their phones, laptops, or other portable electronic devices. The kids accept and quickly realize it's not going to be as easy as they thought.
7 Tori Fixes Beck & Jade
Beck wants to ask a girl out but is worried about Jade's reaction, so Tori and Andre attempt to get Jade a date to even the playing field. Robbie works to remove a butterfly stuck in Cat's ear.
8 One Thousand Berry Balls
Andre gets Tori a job at a frozen yogurt stand, but work may keep them from performing at the Hollywood Arts Cowboy Luau. Robbie wants to ask Cat to the luau, but asks someone else, making Cat jealous.
9 Robbie Sells Rex
Mason Thornesmith's bratty 12 year-old kid wants to buy Rex from Robbie. Meanwhile, a masked flour thrower is on the loose in Hollywood Arts.
10 The Bad Roommate
Andre stays with Tori to work on a song for class. They quickly find they aren't the best roommates. Jade discovers an unflattering picture of herself on the internet, and conspires to take it down.
11 Brain Squeezers
Tori is selected to be the team captain for a new game show, Brain Squeezers. She has to choose 3 teammates to compete with her, and quickly becomes overwhelmed by requests from the gang.
12 The Slap Fight
Tori and the gang compete to see who can get the most followers on The Slap. But when they get caught up in the competition, they neglect their schoolwork, and their friendships.
13 Star-Spangled Tori
When Tori gets invited to sing the national anthem at a televised basketball game, she worries she'll forget the lyrics, but ends up in a much more embarrassing encounter with the team's mascot.
14 Victori-Yes
Sikowitz challenges the students to say yes to everything for one week. The gang agrees, and they soon find themselves out of their respective comfort zones.
101 Bonus Content
Tori Takes Requests: Mustache Removal- We remove a social worker's mustache and replace it with a lady's wristwatch! Why? Cuz you told us to! / The Funny Nugget Show: Foreign Men- It's late, we're tired, everything's funny, and Cat and I are pretending to be foreign men. Sounds like it's time for a new Funny Nugget Show!
102 Extra Content from the Slap
At some point in your life you're probably gonna get quizzed about President George Washington, so I made this little video to help you out! You're welcome in advance! If you want a body like mine for summer, you gotta watch my new boot camp video! I'm teaching you how to do one of the hardest exercises known to man--the sit up.It's really hard to make Beck's hair look bad, but I still have to try! I wouldn't want to disappoint my fans. My weird, weird fans.

About this show

A sensational singer, dynamic dancer, and amazing actress is discovered! Tori Vega is accidentally thrown into the spotlight at a musical showcase and offered admission to Hollywood Arts, the most prestigious performing arts high school in the country!
362 reviews
Ashley Mathews
September 6, 2019
This was such a good show, but I'm super sad that it got cancelled without a finale episode to tie everything together. It ended abruptly so there's a void with no resolution lol. Regardless, I'm pretty happy to own this show now.
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Tim J.
February 22, 2021
Every episode is here plus the bonus features, I'm very happy since this was probably the last good show to come out of Danwarp. However, four stars because the entirety of the special "Tori Goes Platinum" isn't here, with the second half of it missing for some reason. However the first special "Locked Up!" is present in its full form. This is strange. I wish it could be fixed, because I already purchased the complete series but technically, not everything is present.
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Ro Brown
January 25, 2020
I totally Love the show when I was growing up The bring back so many memories When I would watch it with my grandmother we riches sit there and laugh and laugh. I think they should do a reboot now that they're older now would be awesome to see
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