UFOs: The Lost Evidence

2017 • American Heroes Channel
27 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (10)

1 Nazi UFO Secrets
Shocking evidence reveals the development of secret Nazi weapons not long after an alleged UFO crashed in Germany's Black Forest. UFO experts investigate whether the US government co-opted this technology after WWII.
2 Police UFO Files
Using archival audio recordings, official transcripts and incident reports, UFO researchers investigate what really happened during incredible -- and sometimes life-threatening -- encounters between law enforcement and UFOs.
3 UFO Abduction
As long as there have been UFO sightings, there have been claims of alien abduction. This phenomena and the alleged alien implants sometimes left behind are examined through never-before-seen evidence and eyewitness testimony.
4 UFO Tech
Humanity's rapid technological advances have completely transformed the way we live. Are these innovations the result of human effort alone, or have extraterrestrials gifted them to our planet like a nefarious Trojan horse?
5 UFOs and the Presidents: FDR to JFK
Investigators reveal the secret history between US Presidents and the UFO phenomenon, from FDR's knowledge about a UFO battle over Los Angeles to JFK's alleged plan to share extraterrestrial secrets with the Russians.
6 American UFO Coverups
UFOs have been caught on camera across America, yet the government denies the existence of extraterrestrial life. Recent news of a secret UFO program may reveal shocking evidence of what the military has known for decades.
7 UFOs vs. the Royal Air Force
The Royal Air Force has been encountering and even engaging UFOs on a regular basis since World War II, but the British government has continuously denied the sightings. Experts investigate why these UFO facts have been concealed.
8 Extraterrestrials and Sacred Sites
Startling evidence suggests contact with interstellar travelers in the distant past may have influenced mankind and many of our sacred sites.
9 Native Americans and Star People
Native American myths steeped in the otherworldly go back thousands of years, but astonishing, new evidence and modern-day UFO sightings have experts rethinking these extraordinary legends and depictions.
10 UFOs and Temples of Gold
UFO experts investigate whether the value, reverence and desire for gold is the result of extraterrestrial landings in the ancient past.

About this show

UFOs: The Lost Evidence explores UFOs, conspiracy theories, aliens and Area 51.
27 reviews
Christopher Darrell Patterson
April 17, 2021
I love this series...great show!!.. although all these UFO shows and alien shows seem to be the same exact show over and over and over because it's the great stories that they keep telling over and over. Also I've noticed that even though it's the same exact show over and over more or less sometimes the stories change just a tad..more info..less info..lol i paid 4 my favorite episodes and now they're free on certain apps butit's okay cuz now I own the episodes I like and I can watch them anytim
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Scott MacDonald
June 6, 2019
Exceptional series
15 people found this review helpful
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Carlo Olivier
March 25, 2022
ii love you
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