The Real Ghostbusters

1986 • ABC
425 reviews
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Volume 10 episodes (10)

1 Live: From Al Capone's Tomb
The Ghostbusters are on live tv at the tomb of Al Capone where his ghost is supposed to appear at midnight. Something does happen and the guys get transported to the other side, getting involved with Al Capone and supernatural criminals.
2 Halloween Door, The
The Ghostbusters are confronted by Crowley and his group, who want their help in ending Halloween. The guys turn him down, but one of their PKE meters is stolen and used by Crowley to accomplish his goal. Unfortunately, all he does is break a seal, opening our world to numerous ghosts - including the huge, rampaging Boogaloo - and giving the Ghostbusters a lot to handle on Halloween night.
3 You Can't Teach An Old Demon New Tricks
A cabinet sends the Ghostbusters to another dimension and encounter a demon interested in learning magic tricks. After years of meeting only magicians assistants and white doves, the demon chooses Ray as his new teacher.
4 Janine, You've Changed
Looking through a photo album causes the Ghostbusters and Slimer to realize Janine has gone through numerous changes over the years. Some investigating shows that a supernatural force disguised as a fairy godmother is the cause of it.
5 Mean Green Teen Machine
The Ghostbusters take a turn for the worse when they're invaded by a trio of ghosts who like to surf and eat pizza. The situation is worse because the ghosts invade their dreams in order to trap them forever.
6 Afterlife In Fast Lane
The Ghostbusters and Slimer compete with each other in a race to win money for a charity. Unfortunately, a ghost gamesmaster tricks them into entering the Netherworld during the race and getting out won't be easy.
7 Slob, The
After once again failing to capture Slimer, Professor Dweeb reaches an agreement with a ghost known as the Glob. The Glob will catch Slimer for Professor Dweeb and Dweeb will set the captured Sleaze free.
8 Busters In Toyland
The firehouse is the scene for a birthday party for Louis' nephew, Lawrence. Louis wants to get him a good gift, but he inadvertently buys three toys possessed by ghosts. They take Lawrence to Toyland and the Ghostbusters have to rescue him.
9 Stay Tooned
Ray and Slimer try to fix the tv so they can continue watching The Sammy K. Ferret Show, but a freak accident occurs and brings the title character into the real world. The Ghostbusters have to deal with them as Sammy's cartoon antics become all too real and dangerous.
10 Magnificent Five, The
The Ghostbusters have a ghostly showdown with Black Bart in a Texan town.

About this show

Fire up a Proton Pack and join Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, and Slimer as they battle fiendish ghouls and goblins from attacking New York City in an all-new animated series based on the film franchise.
425 reviews
July 16, 2016
This show is very much a product of its time but it holds up pretty well. Four stars because it sometimes just gets a little *too* corny but I'm honestly being picky. I'm not a rabid fan of the franchise but this is a good watch on a lazy Saturday with a 12 pack of Ecto-Cooler. Watch the two-part episode where Egon dies-- I dare you not to cry.
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The RANT Files
September 10, 2016
Sony decided not to release every single episode and that is why I am giving it two stars. Sony dropped the ball with this digital release and making this an incomplete series was wrong. Sony should have did the digital release by seasons instead of volumes that are like the 2016 DVD releases. Yes, there are five more episodes included in the digital release that the 2016 DVD volumes didn't have. However, making this an incomplete series was wrong on all levels.
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Keith Dailey
August 3, 2016
I grew up watching these at daycare when I was a kid now that I am a adult I still love these so much that I ended up paying 115 back in 2009 to by the box set when it first came out before they got expensive worth it if your a fan
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