The Loud House

2.41K reviews
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The Loud House Season 12 episodes (9)

1 Hiccups and Downs/The Loathe Boat
Luna needs to get rid of a nasty case of the hiccups before a big rock competition. The Morticians Club plan Bertrand's escape from the cruise ship his parents work on.
2 Crashed Course/Puns and Buns
The Loud siblings intervene when they think Lori is failing out of Fairway U. Benny struggles to rein in Luan and her practical jokes when she becomes his coworker at the Burpin' Burger.
3 Save the Last Pants/A Stella Performance
Rusty tries to bring the fun of Gus's to Duds For Dudes when he's in charge of the store. Stella wins a school competition and is super excited – until she learns she has to give a public presentation.
4 Cheer Pressure/Stroke of Luck
The cheerleaders challenge Lynn and her teammates to a "cheer off" when Lynn dismisses them as athletes. Lori becomes a celebrity at school when she hits a hole- in-one on a notoriously difficult course.
5 Space Jammed/Crown and Dirty
Annoyed by Leni's intrusive babysitting, Lisa accidentally blasts herself and Todd into space. Lola tries to whip Mom into tip-top pageant condition for a Mother-Daughter pageant.
6 The Orchid Grief/Forks and Knives Out
When Lincoln and Clyde overwater Howard's rare orchid, the two embark on an adventure to replace it. Lynn Sr. is stoked to compete on a televised cooking show until he learns he's up against Rosa Casagrande. Guest Star: Michael McDonald
7 The Loud Cloud/You Auto Know Better
Tired of Mom's sticky note system, Lincoln and Lisa create an app to keep track of the family's schedule. Lana creates an auto-body shop to try and buy a new bike, but her shop turns corrupt when Flip becomes he rmentor.
8 Great Lakes Freakout!
The Louds team up with the Casagrandes for a Halloween storefront decorating competition, but things get out of hand when they use Lucy's spell book to make the mercado extra spooky. Guest Star: George Lopez
9 The Loud House Thanksgiving Special
Lincoln and Clyde help each other plan the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, from prepping & cooking to eating & enjoying!

About this show

Ever wonder what it’s like to grow up in a big family? Eleven-year-old Lincoln Loud gives viewers an inside look at how to survive the chaos of a huge household, especially as the only boy with ten sisters!
2.41K reviews
Much Duck
April 5, 2020
The show is good and Chris Savino did a good job but it has some problems one, TOO MANY LESSONS I can't go through one episode without them learning a "valuable" lesson and siblings don't tend to learn their lesson when it comes to fighting or something like that. That's why they keep doing it. Two, this show somehow managed to get a better rating than spongebob. Idk about you guys but I would pick spongebob over this any day. Just be careful the show can be misleading sometimes but it's good
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May 31, 2020
Honestly,I think this show is stupid. It litterally has no humor,and also,it takes up way too much time on the network. Every character is dumb and stupid,and they can get incredibly annoying. It is extremely hard to actually like this show. I probably won't make it to 5 minutes before saying that this show is stupid. This show shouldn't take up this much time on the network every day. I think spongebob is way better than this. I'm going to have a party when this show gets cancelled.
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Joseph Escobar
August 8, 2018
This show is so overrated, and most jokes aren't meant for kids. For example, the older sister Lori asked what were mom and dad doing in the closet, then the comedian said, "I don't know, probably just HANGING OUT" I've searched this joke on Google and yet no one has discussed about this joke. Also, one of Lincoln's friend's parents are gay. Also the show keeps shoving lessons down your throat and the kids in the show are so stupid. The episodes are so dumb, like in one episode, Lori tries to get more likes on social media than one of her rivals. Its so cringey, trendy, and retarded. I hope this show gets cancelled.
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