The First 48

2004 • A&E
433 reviews
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Volume 17 episodes (17)

1 Night Run
When a young father is ambushed by a pack of brazen shooters, Atlanta Detective Summer Benton uncovers the shocking reason for his murder.
2 Closing Time/ Family Matters
In Atlanta, the brutal murder of a foreign exchange student is caught on video. In New Orleans, a shooting at a carwash becomes a family affair.
3 The House on Madrona Street (#304)
In Atlanta, a young woman is found on the floor of an abandoned house, naked and strangled to death. As the investigation unfolds, further horrors are revealed and Detective Scott DeMeester must act fast before his suspect kills again.
4 Blood on Bourbon
In New Orleans, a mass shooting on innocent bystanders and tourists in the heart of the French Quarter leaves the city demanding answers.
5 Blood Lust
The city of Atlanta is gripped with fear as a deadly killer prowls the streets for unsuspecting victims- with a powerful gun. Detective David Quinn must track him down before he strikes again.
6 Secrets and Lies
A young woman is executed on a street corner, and Tulsa investigator Nathan Schilling discovers that her circle of friends may be hiding information about the murder. He must uncover their secret, before a killer goes free.
7 Murder on Maiden Lane
In Atlanta, a young father is gunned down by a brutal robbing crew and Detective Tracy Lewis discovers on her first case that she may be chasing the wrong suspect.
8 Last Shift
In Tulsa, a vicious assault on a crowded barbershop leaves multiple people wounded and an innocent barber dead. Detective John Brown delves deep into a dangerous world of gang violence to catch a killer on the loose with an AK47 assault rifle.
9 M.I.A.
A welder has vanished under very suspicious circumstances and Tulsa homicide gets the case. Detective Matt Frazier and the rest of the team suspect foul play as they dive deep into the mystery surrounding the man's life.
10 Knock Knock (#308)
In Tulsa, a man from out of town is found dead in his motel room and Detective Michael Zenoni must wade through a web of secrets and lies to uncover the truth.
11 Bloodline (#318)
When a former Marine is gunned down trying to recover his stolen bicycle, Tulsa Detective Matt Frazier goes on the hunt for an elusive criminal family.
13 Down on Bourbon/ Deadly Trap
In New Orleans, a double-shooting on Bourbon Street has the city on edge. And in Tulsa, a man killed by a shotgun blast may have been lured into a trap.
14 House of Cards
In Tulsa, a lethal combination of guns and meth leaves a young man dead. Five potential witnesses tell fragmented stories which Detective Justin Ritter must piece together to reveal the real killer.
15 In a Lonely Place
In New Orleans, a young mother is found shot and burned in the trunk of her car when a night out on the town becomes her last.
16 Old Wounds
In Tulsa, a young woman is killed in a drive by shooting, while her boyfriend--the apparent target of the shooting--walks away unscathed. Leatherman talks to a group of teenagers and delves into a long simmering feud to find her killer.
17 The Case That Haunts Me
Veteran homicide Lt. Rick Zimmerman looks back at the case that changed his life and career.
18 The Case That Haunts Me #2
In 2008, an intruder savagely attacks a family in their Memphis home, leaving bloody clues that partners Tony Mullins and Caroline Mason must piece together in pursuit of the killer.

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The First 48® offers viewers unprecedented access to every step of the judicial process from crime scene to courtroom.
433 reviews
Cheryl Murphy
November 19, 2020
I couldnt have said it any better than Michael Mcleod. Even though i have nerver been dven close to being a victim of such heartless meningless crimes. How can somebody BE so heartless. Dont they care about where their soul will end up being tormented forever doing the same thing over and overr yet to the.selves or however they done what they done the one or ones doing that to them except they NEVER DIE. Forgive me Michael fo not getting your last name right. Peace and much love and good luck to
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Kristie Clevenger
December 29, 2017
Very interesting show and very sad one too. Been watching this show for many years hope to watch for many more just hate seeing all the homicides that take place to have this show have watch all reruns woyld bot mind it that was all i had to watch if noone eles would get killed but we all know that will not happen someone is going to do it. love watching them get catch and paying for what they have done that is satisfying for me
255 people found this review helpful
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A Google user
April 16, 2018
I have been a watcher of this show since it had been on. It is always good when crimes get solved and the really bad people are taken off the streets. And then families get closure most of the time. I personally understand. My nephew was murdered in 1999.
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