2008 • Adult Swim
400 reviews
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Season 4 episodes (6)

1 Superhell!
Superjail becomes hell on earth-more than it usually is, at least.
2 The Last Pack
The Warden bans smoking, which begins a deadly race for the last pack.
3 Jean & Paul & Beefy & Alice
A romantic spa outing causes an outbreak that's way nastier than foot fungus.
4 The Superjail Inquisitor
The Warden's belief in a fairy tale monster pushes him to fanatical lengths.
5 Superstorm!
A weather-controlling robot causes some deadly climate change.
6 The Superjail Six
Superjail's darkest secret leads to backwater neighbors who throw a killer hoedown.

About this show

Life on the outside ain't what it used to be...and that's why the Warden created Superjail! Report to processing and prepare for the psychedelic visual mayhem to blow your mind as the Warden and his staff try to rehabilitate the inmates of the most violent prison known to man.
400 reviews
Potionmonkey 15
April 19, 2018
I was watching this show on tv, when a big old (CENSORED) bar came apon the screen as somebody was getting eaten alive. Morbid curiosity got the best of me, so I bought the "Superfail" episode, thinking it would be uncensored and such, since it was only 2 bucks. It was still censored. Whatever was behind that bar remains lost media. I blew 2 bucks. Still a good show though.
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Xi Cecovic
May 1, 2016
Superjail is an intelligent psychedelic cartoon that stretches your imagination and opens or excises pathways in your brain by constantly providing you with fluctuating complicated, unthought of situations; This helps you to look at life from several different perspectives, allowing you to better cope with the unexpected. On top of all of these wonderful advantages, Superjail is a perfect representation of the symptoms for my schizophrenia and helps me to cope these as well.
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December 1, 2019
I very like this show mostly because the warden he stupidly funny but I hate when I first watched the episode about cancer or sancer it actually made me cry. And the whole the about it just makes me fell like I want to make a real life superjail. and another good thing I like is the good intro with jacknife but the endings creep me out that sound of banging and screaming
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