South Park

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Season 25 episodes (6)

1 Pajama Day
The 4th grade class is banned from wearing their pajamas to school on the most important day of the year.
2 The Big Fix
Stan's horrified to realize he's misinterpreted some of the greatest writing of all time.
3 City People
Cartman is not happy when his mom gets a new job.
4 Back to the Cold War
A lot is riding on Butter's ability to crush the competition in the all-important dressage championship.
5 Help, My Teenager Hates Me!
The boys find out that the joys of playing Airsoft come with the challenges of dealing with teenagers.
6 Credigree Weed St. Patrick's Day Special
Butters is shocked to learn that people in South Park don't understand what St. Patrick's Day is really about.

About this show

Relive the dawn of the South Park era, with legendary episodes of the groundbreaking, Emmy Award-winning animated classic. Follow everyones favorite troublemakers Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny--from the very beginning of their unforgettable adventures.
10.4K reviews
A Google user
October 25, 2018
i originally first saw south park when my brother invited me over to watch an episode that reminded him of me (the episode "Craig X Tweek). When i saw it, i freaked out and instantly fell in love with the show's comedy and characters. A lot of people think its "stupid" or "too racist," but i dont really think so. Honestly, if you are really super sensitive to stuff like this, don't watch it. Trey and Matt did such an amazing job making this show in my opinion, and i thank them deeply uwu
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Fredlee Woods4th
March 21, 2021
Well I'm looking for the past seasons of the Timmy Vulmer episodes with J-jimmy! And I can't seem to find these episodes... can you please help, and it's because I currently live in a "Group home" with "Individuals" as they are calling me and the rest of us now inhibitions of this house in A.R.C. Spruce House and then there's the fact that I am being demoralized much like T-Timmy! and the funny 😂 thing is that Timmy is the one who was the guy who saw past the demoralizing 🐃💩 and just did him.
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Joshua Gray
May 9, 2022
SOUTH PARK!! Love how the show evolved well besides Eric's r smart, parents/grown ups are not. Butters came into his own as well as Randy, & Jimmy. They must have writers that just stay in "the know" with what's going on in society/current events and they not only touch on it, they smash it make lefties go insane n for that I LOVE YALL TREY & MATT and whomever else is behind the scenes!
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