Small Town Security

2012 • AMC
136 reviews
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Small Town Security, Season 3 episodes (9)

1 Someone's Got the Meatball
Dennis creates a new training tape for JJK. Joan decides to capitalize on the Speecy Spicy Meatball. Irwin shows off his storage room.
2 The Dragon Takes Flight
Dennis turns to online dating to fill the gap in his relationship with Joan while Irwin looks for ways to relieve stress.
3 Lambchop's Last Bite
JJK gets a muddy gig while Irwin devotes his time to a group of rough young ladies. Joan deals with the loss of her greatest love.
4 Heady Times Part 1
JJK loses a big client and Irwin works to ensure guard loyalty. Joan struggles with her health and her local cable access show.
5 Heady Times Part 2
Joan gets a shocking diagnosis that comes with some tough side effects. Brian and Dennis land a geeky gig while Christa does some dirty work.
6 Watch Dogs
Dennis hosts iconic McGruff the Crime Dog. Joan begins radiation with no desire to relax. When JJK cuts Christa's hours, she takes on some odd jobs.
7 The Belly of the Beast
Dennis leads guards on a training mission overnight in a cave. Brian coaches Joan through rapid detox from bad diet habits as her recovery continues.
8 Hail to the Chief
Irwin de-stresses while Joan convalesces in L.A. Dennis reveals his biggest shocker yet about Joan. The gang celebrates JJK's 30th Anniversary.
101 Season 3: You in?
The cast of Small Town Security begrudgingly agrees to a third season.

About this show

AMC's Small Town Security follows the owners and employees of JJK Security in Ringgold, Georgia who have welcomed America into their unorthodox universe. As the JJK crew continues to expand, several new out-of-this-world characters join the cast. Joan, Dennis, Irwin, Christa, and Brian are also forced to contend with a series of unexpected shocks and developments that seem as if they might have been written for a Spanish telenovela rather than a real-life television show. Provocative, preposterous, and unflinchingly real, season three of Small Town Security boldly goes where no man, woman, or chihuahua has gone before. New episodes Tuesdays 1am/12c.
136 reviews
Roy Steele
July 30, 2013
Most of us mere mortals watch primetime television to be entertained, and this AMC reality television show is one of the most entertaining shows that you might not have discovered yet. Don't let the negative reviews influence you, because the negativity reflected in those reviews reflect a closed mind, and an inability to empathize with the characters in the show. Small Town Security takes place in a sleepy southern town, and revolves around a small security business, and the eccentric personalities working at the security company. The Chief is driven by her one track mind, which always seems fixated on dirty jokes and sex (& passing gas). The Captain is a hoarder in his 70's, who is devoted to both his wife and their business, and feels insecure because an employee is in love with his wife. The Lieutenant holds the fort down and keeps the business humming. He works 24/7, lives in the office, and has fallen in love with the Captain (who is old enough to be his mother). The other characters are just as eccentric, and they help keep this show funny and fresh. There are twists and turns that will make you laugh, and might even shock you, and that's why we keep tuning in!
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Paul Krygier
May 4, 2014
OK can someone please give me the last 10 minutes I just lost watching this show. I gave it a 1 because I can't give it a 0..and as far as the 1st 2 reviews. That gave them a 5.come on what do you work for the show...
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A Google user
June 4, 2014
I love this show! Every time I watch this show it makes me laugh. It is so funny. The people are so real, not super rich or stuck up like in all the other reality shows. These are down to earth, messed up, flaws showing, true to each other people who aren't afraid to show the world how they truly feel and express how they think about certain issues. I just love their blunt, out there with it attitude and their loyalty to one another. Please don't cancel this show!
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