Rookie Blue

2010 • ABC
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Season 5 episodes (22)

1 Blink
In the aftermath of the night's traumatic events, Andy and Dov try to pull themselves together at an all-night diner, but are caught off-duty and off-guard in a volatile diner hold-up. Meanwhile, the weary officers at 15 Division struggle to contain the evening's collateral damage under the watchful eye of a tough new Inspector. 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
2 All by Her Selfie
It's a day of firsts as Oliver gets promoted to Acting Staff Sergeant and Andy is tasked with training 15 Division's newest rookie, Duncan Moore. But when Andy and Duncan respond to a messy homicide at a pawnshop, it's clear this rookie is going to give Andy the challenge of a lifetime. 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
3 Heart Breakers, Money Makers
With Fite Nite looming, Inspector Jarvis sends the officers of 15 Division to seize all "proceeds of crime" -- anything purchased with money earned illegally. But when Andy and Nick's seizure at an illegal gambling house leads to a suspicious confession, Andy recruits Sam to help figure out who's lying, why, and where the money is, before anyone gets hurt. 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
4 Wanting
When a tenement-building shooting leads to the discovery of an executed gang leader, 15 Division must race to find the killer before a gang war breaks out. As the murderer zeroes in on the one witness who can tie him to the crime, Andy and her rookie, Duncan, are put to a life-and-death test of true police heroism. 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
5 Going Under
When 15 Division goes undercover at a club-land bar that's a possible hub for illegal handguns, Chris's erratic behavior and concern for a specific drug dealer make Dov suspicious. Meanwhile -- after learning Duncan has made serious professional allegations against her -- Andy decides to help Sam with a missing person's case that takes a dark turn. 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
6 Two Truths and a Lie
As the officers of 15 Division try to hunt down the killer of Brian Gowdy (Ep. 505) -- Andy and Sam go on the road to interview a list of inmates at Millburn Penitentiary. All are known associates of the prime suspect; and one person on that list happens to be none other than Jay Swarek, Sam's elusive father. 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
7 Deal with the Devil
In the midst of a chaotic day at the station, Oliver prepares Andy to defend herself at Duncan’s dismissal hearing, now happening two hours from now. But when Duncan produces new evidence that shifts all the blame to Andy, Oliver must decide if he’s willing to compromise his professional integrity – and his friendship with Andy – to save her career. 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
8 Exit Strategy
Chris's addiction issues come to a head when an innocuous call to a middle-class home puts Dov and Chris in the middle of a suspicious home invasion investigation. As the victims' secrets come out, the full extent of the family's dysfunction sends their teenage son to a place of despair – but it's Chris and Dov who end up in a struggle for their lives. 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
9 Moving Day
15 Division is assigned to a community outreach program, "Moving Day", to help tenants move out of a subsidized-housing complex that's being torn down. But when Andy and Chloe discover a severely beaten man in a vacant unit, their investigation unearths a ruthless criminal operation that's bigger than they could have ever imagined. 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
10 Fragments
Andy's former rookie, Duncan, is back on duty and looking to reconcile – something she's not ready for yet. But personal feelings get thrust aside when a bomb explodes in a downtown parking garage. With the city under threat, the officers of 15 Division must work frantically to figure out the source of the threats, and stop the suspect before more innocent people get hurt. 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
11 Everlasting
The officers of 15 Division work to track down Ted McDonald (the car-bomber from Ep. 510). But even after catching him, they realize Ted has more targets set to explode out there. The clock is ticking… 2014 Rookie Blue Five Inc.
12 Open Windows
It’s been one month since Ted McDonald’s death, the evidence room bombing, and the revelation of Marlo’s pregnancy (Ep. 11). After a blissful and well-deserved few weeks away at Oliver’s cabin, Andy and Sam return home renewed and ready to dig in. But on her first night back, Andy is attacked by an intruder at Traci’s house. Andy leaps into action and fights off the attacker; but her shock at the situation compels her to launch her own investigation into what happened. After uncovering similar attacks in her neighborhood – young women, alone, in apartments with open windows to the hot summer night – Andy and the officers of 15 Division will have to fight the Sex Crimes Unit on how to proceed, in order to protect the vulnerable and do the right thing. Meanwhile, after learning of Marlo’s pregnancy, Sam will have to figure out how to tell Andy the devastating news and brace himself for her reaction.
13 The Perfect Family
In the wake of Marlo’s pregnancy bombshell (Ep. 12), a devastated Andy tries to process what this means for her future and the future she thought she’d have with Sam. Andy gets a welcome distraction and perspective-check when she meets Hayley, an out-of-control teenager who needs to be protected from her own conservative family, challenging Andy’s vision of a perfect family. Meanwhile, Nick and Juliet’s star-crossed romance starts to feel inevitable when they are sent on the road together on Juliet’s first shift at 15 Division – if only she would see it that way.
14 Uprising
When 15 Division is tasked with transferring two prisoners from a women’s correctional institute, Oliver sends Andy, Juliet, Nick, and Gail. But tensions are running high in the over-capacity prison and a riot breaks out with our officers trapped in the middle. As the prison goes into lock-down, Andy and Juliet’s dangerous inmate, Kenzie, becomes desperate to get to the infirmary to prove her innocence – even if she has to take an officer hostage to do so. Andy becomes increasingly wary of the mysterious Juliet, but they’ll have to work together to make it out of the prison. Meanwhile, Sam shows up at Marlo’s ultrasound and stays by her side while they anxiously wait to hear if something’s wrong with the baby – but in the process some happy news accidentally gets let out of the bag.
15 Letting Go
As Juliet continues to try to keep her distance from Nick, she’ll find herself conflicted when he starts acting strange and lying to her. But Nick has good reason – his estranged brother, Finn (who he never told Andy or Gail about) – has reached out with information on the drunk driver that killed their parents 18 years ago. Nick and Finn have always agreed on what they would do if they found him, but Nick will have to decide if he still wants to go through with that plan – with Juliet refusing to leave his side. Meanwhile, Dov and Chris have a kick-ass day on the street, taking down an escaped MMA-fighter/criminal… only to leave Dov feeling like something’s missing.
16 A Real Gentleman
With Traci at the helm, 15 Division gears up for today’s raid: the target is a notorious gun dealer scheduled to receive a shipment in a few hours. But when Traci gets called away to Leo’s school and then goes off the grid, no one can believe that she would miss her first raid. They fear that Thom Kozik, the ruthless gun dealer, might be to blame for her disappearance. It’s all hands on deck when Andy and Gail realize that the serial rapist that got away from us (Ep. 512) is back – and he’s got Traci. As 15 Division works furiously with the Sex Crimes Unit to track down the suspect, Traci is trapped with her captor, using everything she knows as a cop to figure out who he is and fight her own way out.
17 Home Run
It’s community-outreach day, with 15 Division hosting a friendly baseball game with kids in a neighborhood plagued by gang violence. But when the game is interrupting by gunfire from a drive-by, and two players are hit, it appears obvious it’s gang-related – all the officers have to do is convince someone in this terrified neighborhood to ID the shooter. This case could be a huge win for Steve Peck, but Gail can’t help but feel they’re missing something and must follow her instincts to find the truth. Meanwhile, Swarek plans a “perfect getaway” with Andy up to Oliver’s cabin – a trip which turns into a test of their ability to rise above all kinds of set-backs, including the unspoken one of bringing Sam’s-baby-by-way-of-Marlo into the world – but it might just turn out to be the perfect trip after all.
18 Best Man
Sam can barely believe his ears when Noelle – Juliet’s boss at Internal Affairs – tells him that all evidence of corruption at 15 Division points back to their dear friend, Oliver Shaw. Sam and Andy decide to go rogue to clear Oliver’s name, but with Commissioner Alonso Santana hot on their trail, they have only until the end of today to track down Chris Klem: the missing explosives-dealer who can prove Oliver’s innocence. But after a perilous chase ends with Chris Klem in custody, Andy and Sam are left reeling when they hear what he has to say. Meanwhile, an oblivious Oliver has his hands full with a sensitive missing child case that reaffirms what an outstanding cop he is, both on the street and in the white shirt.
19 Integrity Test
Word of IA naming Oliver as the root of the corruption within 15 Division has spread, and while no one believes it, our officers know he will be forced to take the blame unless they can prove it’s a set-up. But with Oliver gone, and with and Commissioner Santana in the division to review Oliver’s case files, this will be no easy task. Andy, Dov, Gail, and Nick – with the help of Juliet’s IA skills – come up with a plan to entrap Commissioner Santana into revealing he’s the guilty party. Meanwhile, after Chris Klem’s shocking revelation in Ep. 518, Traci works alongside Steve Peck in the hopes of finding Klem was mistaken and she is not sleeping with the enemy. And Sam prevents Oliver from making a decision he’ll regret for the rest of his life.
20 Ninety Degrees
Business at 15 Division is slowly getting back to normal as Alonso Santana and Steve Peck await trial, and as Oliver returns to work as a street cop, back in blue. With the city in the middle of a heat wave, 15 Division opens to the public as a cooling station. After an incident at her mental health facility, a very-pregnant Marlo asks Andy to help track down a patient who she suspects is planning to hurt her ex-husband. But just as Andy and Marlo discover that their missing patient has an entirely different plan in mind, Marlo goes into labor in a high-rise condo with no power. Meanwhile, Dov and Chloe work together to help a local man in the “perfect relationship” and finally get all their issues out on the table.
21 Breaking Up the Band
Andy’s new and complicated reality has hit her hard since the arrival of Sam and Marlo’s baby girl (Ep. 520). The situation is complicated, painful, and no one’s fault – so when the opportunity for Andy to go to Vancouver on a 4-month UC operation arises, she debates whether “pressing pause” would be best for everyone. In the wake of the corruption scandal that rocked 15 Division (Ep. 519) – and on the day of Steve Peck’s hearing – Inspector Jarvis announces that the division is being restructured: some officers will be sent to different platoons, transferred, or promoted to other units. On what could be one of their last shifts together, Andy, Chris, Chloe, and Dov investigate suspicious drug use at an end-of-summer music festival, unraveling a thoughtless revenge scheme that ends in tragedy.
22 74 Epiphanies
While everyone is reeling from the news that 15 Division is about to be permanently restructured, the big day has finally arrived. Andy and Sam are getting married at a little church near Oliver’s cabin. But the course of true love never did run smooth. The city’s in gridlock due to late-summer weekend chaos, and getting out of town is proving a serious problem. On her way up north in Swarek’s truck – alone and in her wedding dress – Andy finds herself dealing with a distressed young hitchhiker on the highway. This encounter leads Andy to double back to investigate a car she saw earlier, pulled over on the side of the road – and she discovers the driver has been critically injured. Can she save the man’s life? Will she make it to her wedding on time? Will she ever have a chance to rewrite her lost vows? And what will happen to the officers of 15 Division when they get back on Monday?

About this show

Rookie Blue is a youthful, one-hour, character-driven workplace drama about five rookie cops plunged into the high stakes world of big city policing -- where even the smallest rookie mistake can have life-or-death consequences.
1.38K reviews
Jason Bernal
September 5, 2014
I have the first three seasons from Google Play, and want to buy the fourth but there is no option to do so which sucks. However, I am still a loyal fan of the show, even though as a Police Officer, I see many things they do wrong in it. I cant wait for new episodes to play, and when they do, I wish I could take them with me to off duty jobs... so come on Google, get on it, give us the option to purchase the whole season at once, and download the new episodes automatically when they come out.
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Matt Dumas
June 14, 2021
I do like the show but one thing that gets me is that, these cops do some of the dumbest things n its not what cops would do in real life but I do like that this cop show shows real people not crazy people jumping threw windows n climbing building n doing Olympic moves that everyday cops don't do. Most cops shows have the suspect run everytime they try to question or pull someone over, it get old and tired some. But this show doesn't do that n allows cops to be cops not super heros. Good show...
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June 26, 2015
Started watch when I was flipping though channels. Seen this very mean bitchy blonde (Gail peck). I was hooked. Then really fell in love with Andy&Sam. Dov& Chloe. Poor jerry& Nash. I also love Andy & nick. P.s just totally in LOVE WITH THIS SHOW .FYI ANDY AND SAM MY FAVS
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