Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics

2017 • AMC
33 reviews
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Season One episodes (7)

1 The Mighty Misfits Who Made Marvel
Jack Kirby and Stan Lee invented Marvel's most beloved characters. But was it Kirby's artwork or Lee's bravado and writing that started a revolution?
2 The Truth About Wonder Woman
As comic books became popular and male superheroes rose to stardom, one man created a feminist superhero inspired by both his wife and his mistress.
3 The Trials of Superman
The story of how the world's first superhero came to be and how Superman's creators fought for years to receive proper credit and compensation.
4 City of Heroes
Explores how the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York fundamentally changed how comic books are written and superheroes are portrayed.
5 The Color of Comics
The rise and fall of Milestone Comics, an African-American owned comic book imprint which came to life in early 1990's New York.
6 Image Comics: Declaration of Independents
Seven renegade artists shock the comic-book industry by starting their own company, Image Comics, to rival giants Marvel and DC.
101 Change the Industry
Celebrities and experts tell the untold origin stories of the greatest superheroes of pop culture.

About this show

Robert Kirkman unveils the stories, people and events that have transformed the world of comic books.
33 reviews
Santosh Oommen
January 15, 2018
I'm a huge comic fan, and this series really goes into the nitty gritty of behind some of the amazing creators of comics that are huge.. The Might Misfits was fantastic, with an audio they dug up with Stan Lee and Kirby talking. Great behind the scenes. The Superman episode was heartbreaking to hear about how the creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were removed from their own comic and creation. The Image comics episode was a great episode as well with all the Image creators speaking on how they came together, fell apart and ultimately got back together. The Milestone episode is a great watch as well to see how important Milestone comics were to creating more diverse superheroes. Wonderful interviews and footage makes this series a wonderful watch.
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