Naruto Uncut

2002 • Adult Swim
2.61K reviews
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Season 404 episodes (15)

206 Naruto - Genjutsu or Reality?
Naruto goes to the hospital, when Unkai the ninja, who attacked them at the villa, appears. They search the village and come up with a theory based on the movement of Shino’«s parasitic insects.
207 Naruto - The Supposed Sealed Ability
Naruto goes to Yakumo's studio. There, he finds that Yakumo has put Kurenai in a desperate situation. Ignoring Kurenai's pleas to stop, Naruto tries to talk to Yakumo. Steadily the terrible secret of the Kurama villa reveals itself!
208 Naruto - The Weight of the Prized Artifact!
Naruto and Kiba, who have been on standby in case a pursuit is necessary, are promptly dispatched to guard a prized tea bowl and meet the client Shinemon. Shinemon puts Naruto and Kiba in harm's way time after time in order to protect the artifact. When a gang of thieves appears, intent on stealing the tea bowl, the team finds itself in a terrible pinch.
209 Naruto - The Enemy: Ninja Dropouts
Gantetsu, a former member of the Ninja Dropouts, makes a request for guarded escort from the Hidden Leaf Village. The Ninja Dropouts are an organization of thieves made up of rogue ninja known for their atrocious criminal methods. Naruto, Sakura and Lee join the guard squad, despite objections from the captain, Todoroki, who seems to have some connection to Gantetsu.
210 Naruto - The Bewildering Forest
After evading the ambush by the Ninja Dropouts, Naruto, Gantetsu, and Todoroki find themselves in a forest maze that confuses a human's sense of direction.
211 Naruto - Memory of Flames
The relationship between Gantetsu and Todoroki is revealed. Todoroki is the only surviving member of a family attacked by the Ninja Dropouts. Facing his brother's killer, Todoroki is unable to suppress his anger. Meanwhile, Sakura and Lee are surrounded by a band of children demanding the return of Gantetsu!
212 Naruto - To Each His Own Path
Team Leaf is finally reunited. After a heated battle, Naruto has the enemy cornered, but a boy is taken. This boy turns out to be Akio, Todoroki's younger brother, who Todoroki thought was dead. Though a member of the Ninja Dropouts, Gantetsu had been secretly caring for the orphaned children. Despite knowing the truth, Todoroki is unable to forgive Gantetsu.
213 Naruto - Vanished Memories
On his way to collect some bamboo shoots necessary for making pickles, Naruto comes upon an injured youth who has lost his memory. Tsunade insists that it's dangerous to have an unidentified stranger staying in the village. But Naruto is impressed by the young man's kindness and insists on allowing the boy to stay.
214 Naruto - Bringing Back Reality
Tsunade believes that Menma has some connection to the Hidden Sound Village, and Naruto and the others head to the Land of Rice Paddies to check into Menma's Memories.
215 Naruto - A Past to Be Erased
Naruto finds it difficult to believe that Menma is actually a member of the gang of bandits that attacked the village. Just when the angry villagers are about to attack Menma, the bandits attack again. The leader of the gang calls Menma a traitor. In the midst of the fighting, Menma reveals his greatest secret.
216 Naruto - The Targeted Shukaku
An incursion by a mysterious group called the Four Celestials ends in the kidnapping of the Sand Village ninja candidate Matsuri. Receiving a request for help from the Sand, Tsunade assigns Shikamaru the mission. Squad Leader Shikamaru calls the Leaf genin together once again.
217 Naruto - Sand Alliance with the Leaf Shinobi
Shikamaru sends Shino, Hinata and Neji to search out the enemy while the Shikamaru squad waits for the right moment to attack. Meanwhile, the Sand siblings pursue the Four Celestials, whose ultimate goal is to capture Gaara.
218 Naruto - The Counterattack!
While Gaara alone seems to be gaining ground on his opponents, he is actually slowly being drawn into a trap. Gaara is caught in their secret jutsu, the Reverse Scale Position, and his sand is completely sealed.
219 Naruto - The Ultimate Weapon Reborn
In their efforts to retrieve Matsuri, Gaara and Naruto corner Hoko, the last of the Four Celestials, in a gully. He reveals that the Four Celestials were once shinobi from the Village of Artisans. Their goal was to steal the Sand Spirit Shukaku's chakra, in order to complete the perfect weapon and gain the power necessary to compete with the Five Great Nations.
220 Naruto - Departure
His chakra drained, Gaara transforms into Shukaku the Sand Spirit but uses his own power to suppress Shukaku and manage an impressive win. Through the success of their mission, some discover a new path to follow, while others swear to devote themselves more earnestly to their training. Promising that he will become even stronger, Naruto leaves on a training journey with Jiraiya, who has finally returned.

About this show

The Village Hidden in the Leaves is home to the stealthiest ninja in the land. But twelve years earlier, a fearsome Nine-tailed Fox terrorized the village before it was subdued and its spirit sealed within the body of a baby boy - Naruto Uzumaki!
2.61K reviews
saxy spartan
November 18, 2021
I honestly really love this show. My friends told me to start with shippuden (sorry if i spelled this worng) but i started with sheon jump(again sorry if i miss spelled it). It is a great anime anf i wod highly recomend starting with the first one shippuden is right after. Watch this one first. The only thing aboit this anime i font like are the flash backs but othet than that one of the best. And stop talking trash about natuto. If your gonna talk trash then go somewhere else with it.
Trey Gurley
May 10, 2015
...But I must explain briefly why this is my favorite show of all time: Naruto manages to have incredibly awesome and fleshed out characters including Naruto, Gaara, Neji, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Shikamaru (me), and the list goes on. The fight scenes however were the main source of my entertainment value as in, these fights are breathtaking. The story is also very good, with many of character development, depth, plot twists, and the hail marry of originality. I could on and on and on but I'm running out of room t
62 people found this review helpful
Alex Davila
March 6, 2013
Only a couple truly engaging moments that can easily be passed over since the series, as a whole, loves to flashback & re-tell any & all relevant details REPEATEDLY! Save yourself 200+ episodes & just watch the much better Shippuden... if you ever don't understand something, it'll likely re-explain itself later.
57 people found this review helpful