Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

2006 • Disney Junior
14K reviews
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Vol. 10 episodes (13)

1 Mickey's Happy Mousekeday
It's Mickey's birthday and for his birthday present, his pals have organized fun things for the big Mousekeday. But when problems occur, Mickey takes time out to help his pals.
2 Minnie's Winter Bow Show
While Minnie is preparing for her Winter Bow Show, she and her nieces, Millie and Melody, accidentally go off on a wild winter wonderland adventure to the Clubhouse North Pole!
3 Around the Clubhouse World
Professor Von Drake gives Mickey a special Clubhouse Passport that has to get stamped at four different "farrrrr-away" locations in order to recieve a super-duper, surprise prize!
4 Mickey's Mousekeball
Professor Von Drake introduces the Clubhouse pals to a high-tech new game, Floatin' Fun-Time Mousekeball! But when the ball escapes, the game takes to the skies!
5 Donald's Brand New Clubhouse
When Donald feels like everybody's getting in his way in Mickey's Clubhouse, he decides that he wants his own. So, Mickey and pals help Donald build a clubhouse just for himself.
6 Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure
When the Mousekedoer malfunctions, Professor Von Drake comes to a realization. The only way to make the repairs is to shrink the Clubhousers and send them inside the machine.
7 Mickey's Monster Musical
When the toon car breaks down, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto head over to an old castle to see if anyone can help them. As they enter the castle, Mickey and Minnie meet COUNT MIKULA!
8 Pop Star Minnie
When Minnie is invited to sing at the top of Mistletoe Mountain, Mickey gathers all their friends to be the back-up band. But, soon they realize all the instruments are missing!
9 Chef Goofy on the Go!
Word is out that Goofy's got a lunch truck and all the Clubhouse pals phone in their orders! Nothing will stop Chef Goofy from making his deeelicious deliveries!
10 Oh, Toodles!
Professor Von Drake is working on a surprise invention when he discovers that he is missing four of his tools. Toodles helps Mickey find them with Mouseketools and a checklist.
11 Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon
Put on your sneakers, sports fans! Today is the first ever Mickey Mouse Sport-a-thon! It’s an action-filled sports tournament that draws athletes from around the Clubhouse.
12 Martian Minnie's Tea Party
Minnie's on her way to Mars on an urgent mission! Her assignment? Help her outer space twin, Martian Minnie, host a tea party for our Clubhouse friends throughout the galaxy!
13 A Goofy Fairy Tale
It’s bedtime at the Clubhouse and everyone’s ready for their favorite bedtime stories! Unfortunately, Goofy’s magic trick makes all the stories disappear from the Clubhouse books!

About this show

Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the first Mickey Mouse series created specifically for preschoolers. The show introduces a whole new generation of preschoolers to Mickey and his lovable band of friends, and is the first TV series starring the "Sensational Six": Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy, and Donald. In each episode, Mickey and his pals go on a fun, interactive adventure that is guided by a specific curriculum designed to introduce problem-solving and early math skills to preschoolers.
14K reviews
La Wanda Fleisher
March 30, 2018
3 year old and 2.5 year old twins keeps this Meimaw busy. When The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on I receive a break from the granddaughters. Oh, Toodles is the favorite. I used cable for their viewing experience. They are in love with all of the characters.
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August 20, 2017
I don't get why you have to pay on a Android device using Google Play(my tablet). On my iPhone you can download Disney Junior from Apple store and it's all free. But it's great for my 18 month old daughter. She loves it so l can watch the TV and she loves holding the phone or tablet when she's watching it, seems like she enjoys it even more when she can hold it in her hands and move around instead of standing or sitting in front of the TV the whole time.
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Ashton Sheranian
February 11, 2022
Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the first Mickey Mouse created to be extremely obsessive to children. The show introduces a whole new generation of idiots to Mickey and his stinky band of friends, and is the first TV series starring the "Sensationally Stupid Six!": Mackey, Money, Pluto, Goofus, , and Donald. In each episode, Mickey and his foes go on a pathetic adventure that is guided by a specific fat Pete designed to introduce problem-swearing and late math skills to your little tykes
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