Making Of The Mob

2015 • AMC
206 reviews
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The Making of the Mob, Season 2 episodes (9)

1 Capone's First Kill
Capone gets a taste of the underworld in Brooklyn with Johnny Torrio. Reuniting in Chicago, they start bootlegging and anger local Irish gangsters.
2 A Death in the Family
A new mayor forces Torrio and Capone outside Chicago to nearby Cicero. There, Capone's brother Frank fixes an election, placing himself in jeopardy.
3 Blood Filled Streets
A betrayal destroys peace in Chicago, and Torrio and Capone seek revenge against the Irish gangs. The "Beer Wars" make Capone Chicago's top gangster.
4 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Capone uses the St. Valentine's Day Massacre to assert his power over his enemies. President Hoover takes notice, and Eliot Ness takes on Capone.
5 Judgment Day
Al Capone outwits Eliot Ness, but Capone's criminal empire remains in jeopardy when the IRS plants an undercover agent in his gang.
6 New Blood
With Capone in jail, Frank Nitti, Paul Ricca and Joe Accardo take over. A Hollywood scandal presents Sam Giancana with a chance to prove himself.
7 Sin City
Joe Accardo sets his sights on Las Vegas, but when Sam Giancana incurs the wrath of young attorney Robert F. Kennedy, The Outfit is threatened.
8 Last Man Standing
Joe Accardo and Sam Giancana have a falling out, and the fate of the Outfit rests on the outcome. Joe Accardo cleans up loose ends before retiring.
101 The Making of the Mob: Al Capone's Secret Cop Brother
The most famous bootlegger in the world, Al Capone, had an ironic secret: His brother was a lawman.

About this show

AMC's The Making of The Mob: New York is an eight-part docu-drama that begins in 1905 and spans over 50 years to trace the rise of Charles "Lucky" Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel and other notorious gangsters. The series follows their beginnings as a neighborhood gang of teenagers to murderous entrepreneurs and bootleggers who organized the criminal underworld, turning the Mafia into an American institution. Narrated by Emmy(R) Award-winning actor Ray Liotta, the show utilizes an immersive blend of dramatic scenes, archival footage and groundbreaking VFX and features exclusive interviews with notable names including former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani; Meyer Lansky II; Frankie Valli; mob attorney and former Las Vegas mayor, Oscar Goodman; and noted author and historian, David Pietrusza. Don't miss the premiere Monday, June 15 10/9c only on AMC.
206 reviews
Katie Holt-Olivas
July 26, 2016
Good actors, narrator and fact based. My family is from Chicago and I learned things about Al Capone I never knew. Excellent show.
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Michael Fains
July 8, 2016
I have been following the mob for years. Making the Mob is the best docudrama I have seen to date.
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Mary L. Williams
September 5, 2016
I looovvvvee this show, such great Actors and actresses. Such a GRAND PERFORMANCE!!!! Must see it again and again. BRAVO BRAVO!!!!
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