How We Got Here

2015 • American Heroes Channel
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Season 1 episodes (12)

1 Nazis Get Us to the Moon
Adolf Hitler has just died and the Nazi regime is crumbling. Amidst the chaos, rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun leads a team of colleagues on a daring escape out of Germany. If he doesn't escape, the race for outer space will turn out differently.
2 Cars Win World War II
A chance meeting with his personal hero Thomas Edison and a visit to a Chicago meat packing plant give Henry Ford a bold dream destined to profoundly change the world. If he fails to put his inspiration into action, the United States will not win WWII.
3 Gold Makes Headlines
Gold has been discovered in California and a penniless prospector named George Hearst goes west to seek his fortune. A hard winter, a mortgaged mule and a hand of poker later allow his son William Randolph Hearst to take over a second rate newspaper.
4 Colt Makes All Men Equal
If a small team of Texas Rangers are killed in action as they fight for their lives against eighty Comanche warriors in 1844, America might not become an industrial powerhouse. This is the story of Samuel Colt's revolver and HOW WE GOT HERE.
5 Denim Defeats Communism
If tradesman Jacob Davis doesn't survive the California Gold Rush, he will never meet Levi Strauss and the idea for the copper rivet will not be born. The saga of Levis Strauss and the triumph of blue jeans is the incredible story of HOW WE GOT HERE.
6 Morse Code Connects Us All
When Samuel Morse receives an urgent message from afar that his wife is about to die, he races back to be by her side. If he makes it to her sickbed in time, the speed-of-light communication we use today will never exist.
7 Clara Barton Saves the World
It's September 17, 1862, and The Battle of Antietam rages! Standing right in the thick of the fight is a former schoolteacher with brave purpose - Clara Barton. If she dies, the American Red Cross would not exist.
8 Deep Throat Exposes the Presidency
If future news reporter Bob Woodward doesn't meet the man we'll eventually come to know as ‘Deep Throat' an imperial presidency will never be brought to its knees. The story of Mark Felt is a key part of How we Got Here!
9 Beer Unites America
America has plunged into Civil War! If German immigrant Adolphus Busch dies in a deadly standoff, one of the most American products of all time will never exist. The story of Adolphus Busch and the power of beer is the unlikely story of How We Got Here.
10 Steel Builds the Metropolis
A telegraph operator is in the throws of a crisis situation! The trains along the Pennsylvania Railroad line have stopped and his boss can't be found. What Andrew Carnegie does next will either end his career or put him on a path to change the world.
11 Rockefeller's Oil Empire
A twenty-four year old bookkeeper, John D Rockefeller, is about to bet every penny he has on a fledgling upstart industry. If the accountant is wrong about the budding oil industry, the era of the automobile might not take off.
12 Harley Hogs the Road
Two young frustrated mechanics in Milwaukie have an idea - to put an engine inside of a bicycle frame. If William Harley and Arthur Davidson give up now, the motorcycle as we know it will never exist.

About this show

HOW WE GOT HERE explores the question 'What might have been?' had even one small thing in history happened differently. How would all our lives be changed today if even the smallest fact of what really happened had been altered by fate?
23 reviews
Loiza Macias
January 25, 2015
Its the best shot ever
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