2016 • American Heroes Channel
24 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 The Opportunist
The opening episode investigates the first three decades of Adolf Hitler's life to discover what transformed a down-and-out Austrian into the undisputed leader of the Nazi Party. We reveal the truth behind Hitler's time serving in World War One.
2 The Actor
Episode Two investigates Hitler's breathtaking rise from election defeat in 1928 to Germany's Messiah in 1933. Experts analyze his speeches, dissect his PR gift and interrogate the mind of a man who ruthlessly executes his closest comrade.
3 The Fuhrer
Episode Three explores inside the mind of a dictator as Hitler tightens his iron grip on Germany and turns his sights to conquest. Leading experts investigate the key skills that enable him to turn the tables on Europe's foreign leaders.
4 The Victor
Episode Four investigates Hitler's transformation from Fuhrer of the German people into the megalomaniac Nazi Messiah who triggers the global carnage of World War II. Experts analyse his behaviour and body language to reveal the clues to Hitler's secret.
5 The Monster
Having bathed in adulation and success for a decade, Episode 5 discovers how Hitler reacts when the tide of war turns against him. As he struggles to stay in control, expert analysis reveals the darkest arts of his personality, driven by his beliefs.
6 The Downfall
The final episode explores Hitler's mental and physical decline as he is forced to confront the endgame of inevitable defeat.  When The Fuhrer miraculously survives an assassination attempt, his lust for vengeance triggers an unequalled reign of terror.

About this show

From his early days as a down-and-out artist, to the ruthless conqueror of Europe, and finally to his ultimate downfall, Hitler is an in-depth investigation into the life of the German dictator.
24 reviews
Dale Pellerin
March 28, 2019
only watched the 1st 3 episodes thus far but as a lifelong Hitler history buff I've learned a few things and am really enjoying the analysts dissecting Hitler's artistic side and the personification of it in what they portray as his acting role. it's a perspective I can relate to but had never considered as an influence of his rise to power.
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Angela Lucero
September 28, 2021
Very informative. A look from all sides.
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Thomas Lacey
March 25, 2019
From the American Heroes Channel, now showing... Hitler?
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