Hell On Wheels

2010 • AMC
6.22K reviews
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Season 5 episodes (14)

1 Chinatown
Cullen is in California with the Central Pacific Railroad building east through the mountains. He contends with the strange new world of Chinese workers, rowdy Irishmen, and bosses. Word that the Hatches are Mormon apostates comes in from Salt Lake City. 2015 Entertainment One Television USA Inc.
2 Mei Mei
Cullen enlists a crew of Chinese workers to help him move a locomotive from Truckee to the Summit Tunnel on a sled. An accident forces Cullen and Fong to work together to survive. Swede and Phineas fight for survival after Cullen banishes them to the high country on snow-shoveling patrol. 2015 Entertainment One Television USA Inc.
3 White Justice
Cullen contends with violence in Chinatown set off by disgruntled railroad workers. The Swede manipulates Phineas in his plot against the Mormons. 2015 Entertainment One Television USA Inc.
4 Struck
In the wake of the violence, Cullen solves a Chinese labor strike; Mickey is pulled deeper into Union Pacific Business. 2015 Entertainment One Television USA Inc.
5 Elixir of Life
Unexpected violence strikes during the festival of Tin Hau Don in Chinatown. Cullen confronts The Swede. Durant involves Maggie in his latest scheme. 2015 Entertainment One Television USA Inc.
6 Hungry Ghosts
Cullen and Mei take a dangerous journey through the California wilderness, escorting precious cargo. Eva nurses Louise back to health. 2015 Entertainment One Television USA Inc.
7 False Prophets
Cullen and Durant reunite in Salt Lake City to meet with President Grant over the future of the railroad. Swede enacts his plan against the Mormons. 2015 Entertainment One Television USA Inc.
8 Two Soldiers
The premiere sees the Swede's murderous rampage on the Hatch homestead resulting in a long overdue showdown with Cullen.
9 Return to the Garden
Cullen faces life-changing decisions in Utah as Truckee adapts to life without him. Durant's lies compromise his new partner.
10 61 Degrees
Cullen's nitroglycerin experiment provides an explosive backdrop for the railroad life in Truckee. Durant's plan turns deadly.
11 Gambit
Mickey's dirty business with Durant leaves him with blood on his hands. Campbell's return to town complicates Louise's life.
12 Any Sum Within Reason
Chang discovers Mei's secret and forces her to flee Truckee. Cullen's search for her brings new realizations while exorcising old demons.
13 Railroad Men
The race to finish the railroad comes down to inches, forcing all parties to contemplate the end of the line, and what the future holds for them.
14 Done
The golden spike, government hearings, and unpredictable actions mean new beginnings and endings for the survivors of Hell on Wheels.

About this show

AMC's Hell on Wheels is a powerful story that captures the intensity and inspiration of the American West at a time when nothing less than the future of the nation was at stake. Set in post-Civil War America, Hell on Wheels tells the story of ex-Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon and his quest for revenge over the wartime death of his wife during the construction of the first Transcontinental Railroad.

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6.22K reviews
Christina Personal
July 23, 2015
Hate to see it end! This is one of thee best shows on tv. Not many inappropriate scenes make it awesome to watch with our son, kinda give some true info on history. Avon sorry to see it go! But there always breaking bad to show the kids chemistry, and real tv, what would we do without the queen shot Kim and her confused SF Bruce. And lets not forget twirling can learn so much from L & HH. Too many gosh awful shows to list but I hope you catch my point!
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Dakota Honaker (Dakota Honaker Comedy)
April 2, 2017
I was a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy. After it ended I couldnt find a show to be excited about. While most were excited by TWD or GOT I couldnt find the appeal. Hell on Wheels was a great show that captured the American West's hardships and the diversity of different Characters that made life so difficult. I give it 5 stars easily due to the incredible cast who all fit so well to their roles.
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Sheila Pugh
December 31, 2014
Happened to choose this off netflix one night while folding clothes. Had no idea what I was getting into. We were into Arrow, but it got way too cheesy and we lost interest. I was afraid it would happen w HW also. NOT AT ALL! great show. Love the characters. My husband and dad are now hooked as well. I get so into it, I can't watch it too close to bedtime. You know it's good when u watch 4 episodes in a row. We don't have cable/dish... patiently waiting until season 4 is on netflix.
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