Gravity Falls

2012 • Disney XD
9.94K reviews
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Vol. 4 episodes (9)

1 A Tale of Two Stans
Cornered below the Mystery Shack, Stan must finally reveal the secrets of his past and his mysterious portal.
2 Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons
Dipper finds an unlikely friend to join him with his newest obsession- a nerdy board game called "Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons."
3 The Stanchurian Candidate
When Grunkle Stan decides to run for mayor, Dipper and Mabel have their work cut out for them trying to turn their gaffe-prone uncle into the perfect candidate.
4 The Last Mabelcorn
A new threat requires that Mabel venture into the enchanted realm of the unicorns. Meanwhile, Dipper learns an unexpected twist about the enigmatic Bill Cipher.
5 Roadside Attraction
Grunkle Stan goes on a road-trip to sabotage all the other tourist traps in Oregon. Meanwhile, Dipper tries to flirt with girls on the open road.
6 Dipper and Mabel Vs. The Future
Mabel decides to plan for her and Dipper's 13th birthday party. Meanwhile, Dipper ventures below the town to find its most shocking secret.
7 Weirdmageddon 1
Trapped in the apocalypse and menaced by villains new and old, Dipper finds himself in a race against time.
8 Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality
Dipper, Soos & Wendy must save Mabel from a strange new world. Meanwhile, Bill's forces plan their next move.
9 Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls
While Ford discovers Bill's true motives, the Mystery Shack crew forms a plan to fight back. A final confrontation against Bill leads to the Pines family's ultimate fate.

About this show

Twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines are in for an unexpected adventure when they spend the summer with their great uncle in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Upon their arrival, Dipper and Mabel's huckster great uncle, also known as Grunkle Stan, enlists the siblings' help in running The Mystery Shack, a fun tourist trap he owns that overcharges unsuspecting customers. Although Dipper and Mabel quickly discover The Mystery Shack itself is a hoax, they sense there is something strange about their new town and together they begin to unlock the secrets of Gravity Falls.
9.94K reviews
Andrew Dykstra
August 11, 2017
This show is the most beautiful show of all times. It may seem pointless, and dumb at the beginning (not to mention all the times Alex Hirsch kinda broke Disney censors) but as you continues through the show it proves to be Disney XD's greatest work as Dipper, Mable, Stan, Ford, Soos, And Wendy learn life lessons and share touching moments. Throughout the course of the show one of the most important themes is the importance of families. Dipper and Mable have their learn just how much they mean to each other. And of course Stan and Ford, but I can't say too much about that because of spoilers. Just all in all this is the most heartwarming and touching shows of all times and I guarantee you that you will cry at least once, but probably more. I highly recommend for anyone over the age of 7 due to some scary scenes (and I mean it) and occasional subtle adult joke.
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Heidi Eddy
August 2, 2017
It's the best TV show on planet Earth. My favorite characters are Stanley Pines Mabel and Dipper the monsters are cool and I like how they put the journals in there. It makes it more interesting it's like those shows for people hunting down monsters but animated. It's the best show ever and lots of Americans agree. I don't know why most people hate it I guess they just don't have good taste in TV shows. I think more people should get into it. I wish they would make more episodes. And I don't like the ending. Stan losing his memory was very sad but he got it back so that's good and they defeated Bill. Stan's brother was a good addition. I think the creators need to make another season .I hate Cliffhangers. The creators have to make more episodes because lots of people like this show . So if you're reading this then you need to buy some of these episodes they're awesome.
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Jj Musser
August 10, 2021
Dear please hush people who rated it 1 star i understand the money part but THE ILLUMINATE BRO ITS A SHOW NOT THE DEVIL besides all that this show doesn't need holy water it need more seasons its really great now stop the realism like spongebob jokes are bad but no one cares so do the same to this show. BTW rick and morty is connected to this show. All the characters are great. Soo maybe don't pay just get some Disney or something and watch i thought it was dumb when I saw it but I was real grea
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