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2013 • ABC
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Season 6 episodes (18)

1 George's Mom Faces Hard Tambien
In the season premiere episode, just as George and Angie finish sending their daughter off to college, Angie discovers that the Lopez family could be growing. Meanwhile, George's job is in jeopardy, Benny faces jail time for a crime from her past and Vic contemplates getting engaged to a much younger woman.
2 George's House has Two Empty Wombs
Pregnant Angie maintains that George misses their college-age daughter and wants a baby to fill the room that she left empty. Meanwhile, Vic introduces his young and beautiful--but not-too-bright--fiancée, Lindsay (recurring guest star STACY KEIBLER), to the family.
3 George Nieces a New Media Room
The Lopez home--and George's new media room--suddenly become a bit more crowded when Angie's niece, Veronica, and her freeloading boyfriend, Mike (recurring guest star JASON CONNERY), move in. Meanwhile, George, Angie and the kids host a birthday party for Benny, who is in jail.
4 George Testi-Lies for Benny
When Benny's embittered mother, Luisa Diaz (RITA MORENO), turns against her--along with her defense attorney (recurring guest star ADAM WEST) and Judge Alvarez (recurring guest star JUDGE MARILYN MILIAN)--Benny depends on George's testimony to earn her freedom from jail. Meanwhile, George learns a few surprising things about his past from his grandmother.
5 Sabes Gay, It's George's Fantasy Episode
Upset over being publicly humiliated at work, George refuses to talk about his feelings with Angie. But after he drinks a shot of tequila with the worm still in it and hallucinates that he and Ernie are gay and about to be married to each other, George realizes that there are some benefits to having a woman who is willing to listen to him.
6 George Thinks Vic's Fiancee is Lion About Being a Cheetah
When Vic and Lindsay (recurring guest star STACY KEIBLER) announce their engagement, George and Angie worry that the much younger woman is only interested in Vic's money. George becomes determined to prove to Vic that Lindsay is cheating on him, but with no money for a private investigator, George's only option is to enlist an exploitative television show that catches cheaters in the act. Meanwhile, Ernie discovers that his poker face isn't as inscrutable as he thought.
7 George Helps Angie's Wha-Positive Self-Image by Saying, 'You 'Sta Loca Good'
When Angie becomes concerned about being less attractive as she gets older, George realizes that gorgeous Veronica is stealing everyone's attention from Angie. Before taking the family to an office costume party, he asks Veronica to tone down her sex appeal. But Angie takes the event as a challenge and wears her own special version of a nurse's outfit. Meanwhile, Benny drives a group of senior citizens as part of her community service.
8 George's Grave Mistake Sends Him to a Funeral, Holmes
When Angie's estranged mother dies suddenly, Angie, Vic and Veronica are devastated. But after Angie finds out that George never secured a cemetery plot next to theirs for her mother, her grief turns to anger. Meanwhile, Max feels bad because he never knew his grandmother.
9 George Joins the Neighborhood Wha-tcha and Raises the Vigilante
When a sexual predator moves nearby, George and Angie use their membership in the neighborhood watch to take action in different ways. Angie advocates sending a certified letter to the offender and hanging posters around town, but George leads a vigilante crew to the address to threaten the perpetrator. What they find there surprises everyone. Meanwhile, George and Angie realize that it's time to talk to Max about sex.
10 George Is Maid to Be Ruth-Less
Much to Benny's dismay, George and Angie hire a maid, Ruth (BARBARA EDEN - "I Dream of Jeannie"), who quickly charms George. But Angie resents the fact that Ruth coddles George instead of cleaning the house, and George also suspects that his mother is jealous of Ruth.
11 George Is Lie-able for Benny's Unhappiness
When the love of Benny's life, Wayne Hill (JERRY SPRINGER - "The Jerry Springer Show"), returns to town, George tells a series of tall tales to keep Wayne and Benny from reuniting. Eventually, Benny becomes suspicious--and George must admit the real reason why he wants the two of them apart.
12 George Uses His Vato Power to Save Dinero Que La
George and Angie make a bet to determine who can live the most frugally, and each goes to extremes to save money. But when Max remarks on the progressively silly contest, George decides to put an end to it.
13 George Rocks to the Max and Gets Diss-Band-ed
George tries to relive his high school days vicariously by teaching Max to play the guitar. But when Max moves on without his dad and joins a rock band, George wishes he could take it all back. Series star George Lopez's real-life daughter, MAYAN LOPEZ, guest stars as Jackie. Award-winning film actor ANDY GARCIA ("Oceans Eleven," "The Untouchables) directed the episode.
14 George Gets Smoking Mad at Benny and Develops an Oralé Fixation
When Powers Aviation institutes a smoking ban, Benny's nicotine withdrawal symptoms drive George to self-destructive behavior. Trying to be supportive while Benny quits smoking, George stops insulting her for two weeks--but his pent-up aggression causes him to overeat.
15 George Can't Let Sleeping Mexicans Lie
The Lopez family goes on a mission to get even with a new neighbor who has decorated his front lawn with an offensive art display. Meanwhile, George and Angie run into an old friend, Officer Sanchez (MARIO LÓPEZ - "Nip/Tuck," "Saved by the Bell"), who takes an interest in their niece.
16 George's Bogey-ous Relationship With Vic is Putt to the Test
George always feels lonely on Father's Day since he never knew his father. So when his father-in-law, Vic, asks him to play in a father-son golf game against Vic's biggest rivals, Dr. Anthony Tovar (ELOY CASADOS) and his son, Tony (boxer OSCAR DE LA HOYA), George is touched. But during the game, George learns the real reason why Vic invited him. Meanwhile, not only does Max give George a form letter as a Father's Day gift, it's the same form letter Max gave Angie on Mother's Day.
17 George Thinks Max's Future is on the Line
When Max takes apart George and Angie's computer and can't figure out how to reassemble it, George makes him earn the money to buy a new one by working for a week at the factory. But neither George nor Angie is prepared for Max to actually enjoy himself. He likes work much better than school and vows to get a job at the factory as soon as he graduates high school. At first, George is proud, but he soon has a vision of the future that convinces him that Max should go to college and try to do better than his parents.
18 George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia
A multimillionaire, Enrique Vega (EDWARD JAMES OLMOS - "Battlestar Galactica"), buys Powers Aviation and asks George to remain with the company--if he's willing to make some major life changes. Meanwhile, Benny's long-lost love, Wayne (JERRY SPRINGER), finally gives Benny a chance to live happily ever after.

About this show

Outspoken stand-up comic George Lopez stars in this funny foray into the life of a family man. George's life is trickier now that he's become the first assembly line worker to be promoted to plant manager at an L.A. airplane parts factory. His former compadres on the floor like him -- they just have their fun behind his back.
985 reviews
Scott Hayes
August 4, 2016
I like the part at the beginning of "Weekend at Benny's". Carmen tries to get a free cell phone without reading the fine print then Carmen and Max bust the computer while fighting over it. George then wishes he never had kids, especially when he says "If I believed in protection plans neither of you would be here"
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Jamie Brooks
August 8, 2016
I didn't begin to watch this show til recently. I'd wake up in the middle of the night (when it airs on our cable) and I'd hear this obnoxious man screeching, and ALWAYS talking so damn loud! The interruption of sleep infuriated me for so long, til one night I was in a zombie-like state, I spaced into the TV and FINALLY caught a full episode, and what can I say, but "I GOT THIS!!" I'm so hooked now! He's so damn funny!
141 people found this review helpful
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January 4, 2020
I love this show! Super funny and unique. As a kid, I'd wake up to it playing at midnight. It only took one episode for me to get hooked! Very funny show with some good lessons in many episodes. It's a shame they don't make shows like this anymore.
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