Fugget About It!

2012 • Adult Swim
22 reviews
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Season 3 episodes (20)

1 Havana Kill Castro
McCool takes the Falcones to Cuba on vacation.
2 Universal Prostitution and Pizza Fridays
Jimmy calls Cheech a "Bum," doing the worst thing one goodfella can do to another: telling him the truth about himself.
3 Just Stick It in That There Doo-Dad
When Cookie finds a photo album of Jimmy's girlfriends from the old life, Jimmy takes her away for a romantic weekend.
4 Confetti Deathblow
Through a misunderstanding, Cookie starts to think Petey is gay.
5 Jimmy Gets Goosed
Jimmy's boss Toby makes him take anger management then invites Jimmy over for dinner to meet his horrible mother.
6 Casino Loyale
Jimmy convinces Regina Tourism to open a casino.
7 Vagina's Got Talent
Cookie enters Theresa in Regina's Got Talent to stick it to a rival mother whose son is a three-time winner.
8 New York State of Blind Drunk
Jimmy, Cheech, and McCool get hammered one night and awaken in Jimmy's old house in New York.
9 What the F**k is the Grey Cup?
Jimmy and Cheech become big CFL fans and invite the Saskatchewan Rough Riders over for a barbecue.
10 Sasquatchewan
Jimmy and Petey go on a hunting trip and come home with a Sasquatch.
11 Cookie's Ovary-Actin
When Cookie gets baby fever and wants another kid, Jimmy refuses to sleep with her.
12 Royal Canadian Groping Pariah
Jimmy gets McCool kicked off the force.
13 Nonna You Business
Jimmy's aged great-grandmother from Italy is dying so McCool arranges for her to visit Regina.
14 Layin' Some Pipeline
Jimmy and Cheech help the premiere of Saskatchewan pass a controversial law that brands anti-oil pipeline protestors as terrorists.
15 Keepin' Up with the McFelchers
Jimmy’s new neighbor turns out to be a Quebec biker who’s also in witness protection.
16 Horse Springs Paternal
Horse gets Jimmy and Cheech's new racehorse pregnant so they sue McCool.
17 Hot, Wet, Amphibious Summer
Petey gets a summer job at the tourism bureau and lies about Regina history while running a bus tour.
18 An Unmarried Bra Whisperer
When Cookie discovers that Jimmy was engaged to someone else when he met her, but never mentioned it, she moves out.
19 Spicy Apocalypse
In an effort to raise money to send Petey to an underwater science school, Jimmy sells a formula Cheech invented for spice neutralizer to Wheatthin.
20 Vengeance Wore a Unitard
Carlo Gambini tracks the Falcones to Regina. He’s there to kill Cheech ... or is he there just to see Gina again?

About this show

A hilarious, edgy and outrageous animated sitcom about the misadventures of Jimmy Falcone, a former New York mob boss, and his family who must enter a witness protection program in small-town Canada. The Falcones are now the "MacDougals" and it's not easy going from glorified gangsters to neighborhood nobodies. It's a fish out of water story, except these fish are sharks!
22 reviews
Shawn Baybo
May 2, 2020
Not a bad show, the animation isn't groundbreaking but it's not supposed to be. One thing I'll say that really irked me is the establishment shot music. Every 2 minutes you get to feel like you just walked into an Italian restaurant.
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November 29, 2019
This is the best show but let me tell you something about a friend of ours named jimmy,he got a 5.star rating and deserves a 69420 award and 2113 oscer awards
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Joseph Velarde
September 22, 2020
I LOVE THIS SHOW...This show needs a bigger push..more people need to know about it...funny as hell...its up there with the likes of south park, family guy and american dad...every episode ..full of comedy..Foget about it..
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