Duck Dynasty

2013 • A&E
5.26K reviews
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Season 11 episodes (16)

1 The West Monroe Wing
Willie and Jase run against each other to become president of their neighborhood HOA. Jep, Jess and Miss Kay work on a Duck Commander themed display for the local zoo.
2 Automation Frustration
Willie buys a 3D printer for the office that starts off as a fun distraction for the guys until it appears the printer could soon replace their jobs. Si, upset that Willie invested in the 3D printer and didn't give him a raise, invests in John Luke's Sno­Cone stand.
3 Razing the Snakes
Jase, Jep, Si and Cole try to fight back a growing population of cottonmouth snakes on Phil's property. Meanwhile, Willie uses his business expertise to help Rebecca improve her clothing store.
4 Uneasy Rider
Willie puts Little Will on a budget for his first car but it backfires when Will decides to get a motorcycle instead.
5 Good Willie Hunting
While many of the guys' wives and children are in Africa doing charity work, Willie and Jase get into a debate over tracking ability which leads to a challenge--can Jase and Si track and capture Willie and Jep?
6 Sleep Cover
With Korie still in Africa, Willie and Jep must step in and supervise Bella's sleepover. When a couple boys play a prank on the girls, Willie and Jep prove to be the perfect chaperones for the task.
7 Drive-In Revivin'
Korie challenges Willie to come up with a romantic gesture without spending any money. Missy and Jase compete to see who can find a girlfriend for Mountain Man.
8 Fishful Thinking
Jase's hopes to win the inaugural Duck Commander Fishing Tournament is buoyed when he is able to enlist the help of legendary angler Bill Dance. Meanwhile, Willie's vanity over his greying beard leads him to make a questionable decision.
9 When Doves Fry
Jase and Jep make a deal with Mia and Merritt to get them to go dove hunting with them. Si tries to make some extra cash by starting a West Monroe tour.
10 Carpnado
Jumping Asian carp have invaded Monroe's waters so Jase and the guys set out to try to stop them from spreading further. Meanwhile, Willie and Si have to run Willie's Duck Diner for the day.
11 The Campfire Diaries
The family spends a weekend at their childhood summer camp, reliving old memories and working to repair a tennis court Willie built twenty years ago. While at the camp, Jep tries to pass a lifeguard swimming test he failed as a teenager.
12 Rowdy's Big Day
Rowdy's adoption is finalized and he officially becomes a Robertson. Jase gets his first massage and enjoys it more than he expected.
13 Disappearing Acts
After Willie and Jase lose Si's tea cup, Si makes them go to great lengths to find it. When the entertainment for Gus's 1st birthday party falls through, Jep fills in as a magician.
14 Dance Dads
Willie, Korie, Jase and Missy take dance lessons from Sadie to prepare for Reed and Rebecca's upcoming weddings. Jase's plan to perform Reed's wedding ceremony may fall through when he waits until the last minute to renew his ordainment.
15 End of an Era
When Si decides to retire to pursue a music career, the family organizes a party in his honor. Meanwhile, Willie, Phil and Jase take a road trip to try to recreate an old duck call for Si's retirement gift. (Surprise performance from ZZ Top!)
16 Looking Back and Talking Quack
The Robertson family takes a look back at 130 episodes of Duck Dynasty,

About this show

Meet the Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream. A mom-and-pop operation, the Duck Commander business has become a sporting empire by making top-of-the-line duck calls and decoys.
5.26K reviews
James Loggins
December 29, 2013
A&E I hope you are reading this do you know how many people you are making mad. The cast of Duck Dynasty doesn't need you. I bet if they let you go someone would pick them up in a heartbeat. I guess you forgot about freedom of speech.your making more people mad then happy. As a Christian myself I agree with Phil
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Linda Oliver
March 30, 2014
the Robertsons have been such a blessing to me and my family and friends it is so wonderful to be able to watch a show that is so close to our lifestyles we don't have to apologize for loving Jesus Christ our Savior or be scared we're going to be politically incorrect when we're just loving each other loving the Lord raising our kids in a fun wonderful manner and saying grace over the food.To be knowledgeable about the woods and how we can use a gun to get dinner.and to stand up and be proud Our heritage.
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Craig Dane
January 21, 2016
Duck Dynasty seems down to earth family. Holy smokes you try to watch that crap shows that they like to pimp up. How fake can you get on those other shows. And those Alaska Bush people good grief those shows are made just to darn dumb and produced by dumb people. Sometimes there is just dumb old Walking Dead trash on TV. But let them dumb producers and pin heads pimp them dumb shows up and show them a million times and I still turn the flipping channel or I just go to my Roku, flip to A&E and watch some Duck Dynasty show that I missed. Or I find the hunting channels to watch.
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