Cold War Armageddon

2016 • American Heroes Channel
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Rise of the Superpowers
For four decades two global superpowers face off, poised for swift and terrible action, threatening to annihilate one another, with the push of a button. It is an arms race, a propaganda battle - and at times, a deadly game. It is the Cold War.
2 Paranoia
As the propaganda war and the arms race rage on the 1950's becomes the decade of paranoia. The stalemate between democracy and communism reaches a fever pitch as the word descends further in chaos...closer to the edge of WWIII.
3 Revolution
The bitter rivalry between capitalism and communism that rages from Berlin to Havana - and all the way to Outer Space. Russia seals themselves behind an Iron Curtain. A move that spawns the birth of revolutions across East Europe and beyond.
4 Cold War Hot War
The 60's. The USSR places nuclear warheads in Cuba. The first US troops arrive in Vietnam. The world witnesses one giant leap for mankind. The game is Nuclear Poker, the stakes couldn't be higher.
5 Peace and War
By the mid 1970s, the Cold War has remained a fact of life for decades. But 30 years into the war, and the doctrine of mutually assured destruction doesn't feel like a roadmap to peace.It's an arms race, a propaganda and at times, a deadly game.
6 Cold War II
By the end of the 70s, war between East and West has been raging for decades. Countless proxy wars have proven how destructive this so-called Cold War can be. It's an arms race, a propaganda battle and at times a deadly game.
7 Warmonger
In the early 1980's the next battlefield in the struggle between communism and democracy, emerges, and it's in the United State's own backyard. It's an arms race, a propaganda battle and at times a deadly game. This is the Cold War.
8 Falling Dominoes
In 1989, the USSR pulls out of Afghanistan and the last remaining proxy conflict of the Cold War ends. A new era emerges as brutal barriers are broken down. A peaceful transition is what the watching world prays for, but is by no means a sure thing...

About this show

Following WWII the world faces annihilation again. Decades of tension fueled by a nuclear arms race between global super powers, determined to reshape the world in their own image. Cold War Armageddon brings the conflict dramatically back to life.

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5 reviews
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