Blue's Clues

1997 • Nick Jr.
571 reviews
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Season 6 episodes (10)

1 Love Day
Today we're celebrating Love Day! A mystery card floats into Joe's hands, and we play Blue's Clues to figure out who it's from.
2 Skidoo Adventure
When Joe greets us he can't wait to show us his and Blue's creation called Wacky Wild World! Then, in Blue's Room we sing a song about the most spectacular place - home!
3 Wishes
Joe and Blue are playing with a toy train when it takes off through the living room and lands at a mysterious door. We open the door and out comes Wish! She tells us that today is our Wish Day - all day]we can make any wish.
4 Joe's Clues
Today is not a usual day; something is different. We're not playing Blue's Clues - we're playing Joe's Clues!
5 Playdates
It's Playdate time! Today we get to spend quality time with Periwinkle, Mailbox, Joe, and Blue. How do we decide who to play with first?
6 The Legend of the Blue Puppy
Today we meet Moona, the moon fairy, who tells us the Legend of Blue. We learn that Blue was born with a little golden key, which will help her unlock her greatest gift.
7 Soccer Practice
Today we're spending the whole day at the park. Do you want to know why? We're playing soccer! Blue introduces a new way to play Blue's Clues - every time we get a goal, we get a clue!
8 The Fairy Tale Ball
A very special invitation arrives at the door. It's an invitation to the Fairy Tale Ball! And all our favorite fairy tale characters will be there. We skidoo into Fairy Tale Land and start playing Blue's Clues.
9 Blue's Room Snacktime Playdate
We're in Blue's Room all day today, and it's time for our playdate! But what will we play? We spin our Playdate Spinner and it lands on snacktime!
10 Bluestock
Today we're having our very own musical concert, right in our backyard! It's a concert filled with lots of our favorite Blue's Clues songs, and we have some exciting animated celebrity guests on hand to add to the festivities.

About this show

Blue's Clues is a puppy with a clue - three actually - and preschoolers will play along with this original play-to-learn show. Through problem-solving and skill-building games, preschoolers help Steve or Joe find the answer.

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571 reviews
Brianna Cowles
September 6, 2017
My (21 month old at the time of this review) twins absolutely love watching this show. It's constantly off and on with Amazon Prime so not being able to watch it really irritated them. No other show gets them as excited as Blue's Clues. $65 (after tax) is SO worth it. Every season is essentially $10 which is half off from any other source - digital or physical, so really it's a steal. This show teaches so much, it's ridiculous. Halfway through Season 3, I realized they were using American Sign Language. Every episode taught a new sign. Soon, my twins were signing these things and I had no idea where they were picking it up from until we got around season 4. As I'm already learning it with them, it didn't occur to me where they'd learned these new signs since I hadn't gone over them with them. Not only that, but they respond to shapes, colors, letters, and even numbers more now than before we started to watch it. This is the most worth it show for helping toddlers of all learning types. My kids never took to any other show like they have this one. $65 for no doubt several years with of entertainment and assistance in learning is more than worth it.
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October 1, 2017
My nephew absolutely loves this show. Blue Steve, and the replacement for Steve. I don't remember his name, but he cannot get enough. He'll throw a huge fit if we put something else on sometimes. He doesn't respond to other shows this way. Google by far offers the best price for the series. I highly recommend, and most kids will love this show. It teaches a little bit, too.
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madhavi kirthinidhi
January 23, 2021
Josh says you can do anything thats what you want to do and my mom and dad they take a picture and a video and my brothers also do it I hold their,hands i wake up at 1:00AM in the night,until the morning my mom and dad and my two brothers And I also I watch in sling I was watching blippi now my mom and dad told me watch something different so that,s why i switch to blues clues some day my mom and dad will tell, me to switch to a different one you guys should also watch.
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