Bad Ink

2013 • A&E
76 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (9)

1 Turning the Other Butt Cheek
Dirk and Ruckus are out patrolling the strip for bad tattoos when they run into Jules, a young lady suffering from bad tattoo decisions made on a trip to Sturgis. Jules' ink goes to show that "Buy One, Get One Free" isn't always the best deal.
2 Lost in Tattoo Translation
While judging a local bikini bull-riding contest in Vegas, Dirk and Ruckus notice one of the contestants needs their help with a rather large problem. Kayla has ink so big and so bad, she has to wear a one-piece.
3 Babes in Tattooland
Dirk and Ruckus do their patriotic duty for Bridgette, a military veteran with a wildly inappropriate tattoo that she has trouble explaining to her kids when they go to the beach.
4 Tat's My Mom
Dirk and Ruckus receive a phone call from an overbearing mom whose son made a rather large tattoo mistake. This is the first time Dirk has to tattoo someone while his mommy watches!
5 Tat in the Hat
Dirk and Ruckus meet up with Tiffany, a hot, young gun shop clerk with a big mistake permanently inscribed on her neck. Tiffany wanted to get a tattoo to represent her mother but ended up with a big mess that "momma" wasn't too fond of.
6 Last Man Stamping
Dirk and Ruckus head to a Vegas cigar bar, where they meet Justin, a father and cub scout leader who got an extremely inappropriate tattoo in his youth. He wants to be able to wear shorts... without looks of disgust from other parents.
7 Oops, I Tatted Again
Dirk and Ruckus get a call from Tonyia, a single mother who got a hilariously bad tattoo after losing a bet to her ex-husband over a game of pool. Only Dirk can help Tonyia transform this tattoo from a "prime piece of meat" to something more suitable.
8 Tat-Too Hot for TV
Dirk is in for the biggest tattoo cover-up of his career when he meets Maxime, a French man with one of the most hilariously inappropriate tattoos the guys have ever laid their eyes on. Maxime's wife is ready to get rid of the "other lady," in his life!
9 Tat's Ink-redible!
Dirk decides to pull a tattoo prank on Ruckus after years of dealing with his trickery so he teams up with Ruairi, a makeup artist from History's hit series, "Vikings." To thank Ruairi, Dirk gives him a real tattoo with a nod to his Norse-themed day job.

About this show

Set against the glitzy backdrop of Las Vegas, also known as "the mistake capital of the world," Bad Ink is a buddy comedy featuring renowned tattoo artist Dirk Vermin and his trusted sidekick and best friend of 20 years, Ruckus.
76 reviews
Lori Berland
May 5, 2017
I love this show! It's funny and sincere. Dirk is an awesome artist and Ruckus is hysterical! I hope A&E brings it back. When is Google Play going to get season 1. Netflix has season 1 but not season 2 you have season 2 but not season 1, why? I have purchased this season hoping that you would get the 1st one soon. Please get season 1, I would love to have both!
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Devin Smith
March 15, 2014
Im a tattoo artist
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Kathlene Bell
August 1, 2015
Dirk is a real artist!
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