Aqua Something You Know Whatever

2008 • Adult Swim
382 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Big Bro
A case of MILF fever makes Frylock mentor an at-risk youth.
2 Chicken and Beans
Internet stardom goes to Meatwad's head and drives him into the darkness.
3 Shirt Herpes
Wearing Carl's amazing rock-and-roll fantasy shirt comes at a heavy price.
4 Rocket Horse & Jet Chicken
Meatwad shares his epic graphic novel with Shake, in hopes of getting him to write a promotional blurb for it.
5 The Family Granite
Re-making a 50 year old, painfully familiar sitcom is never a bad idea - unless you do actually do it.
6 Bookie
Shake learns that when you bet against the house, sometimes you lose more than just your money.
7 Fightan Titan
Once assembled, the Fightan Titan stands to be the worst giant robot to ever fight for justice.
8 Buddy Nugget
Frylock's revolutionary social networking device summons a pre-release party of staggeringly douchebaggy proportions.
9 Zucotti Manicotti
Meatwad's favorite intergalactic television puppet star pays him a visit.
10 Totem Pole
The heaviest metal band to play American high school gymnasiums would like you to put your head inside the anus of a troll.

About this show

We found ourselves on the verge of tears last season as Meatwad, Master Shake, and Frylock bid adieux to their New Jersey rental home. Aqua Teen Hunger Force picks up where it left off: Chronicling their quest for a new place to put their stuff and pay rent. Watch, as noble men are brought low, heart rending sacrifices are made, and animation is animated.
382 reviews
TrailerParkUNDERDOGG juniorghoststudio official (Trailerparkunderdogg)
August 19, 2022
classic adult swim use to stay up every night til midnight just to watch 15 minutes of this awesome kickasssss show got master shake tattooed on my arm neighbor Carl is a riot I fall asleep to this show now every night bc I have PTSD and anxiety it helps btw the guy(Ronald Legan) that left the negative review about aqua teen,(he is a predator and priests and gives cocomelon and broke back mountain five stars he wanted six but he said he got confused and said he wants six inches something else😂
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The Tillman Sneaker Review
November 24, 2018
I never imagined that a show about without a plot would be so intertwining. I mean, seems like a bunch of random, stiches together and turned into a television series...number 1 in the hood, G.
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August 19, 2014
Early teenage memories of watching the show brings out the greatest creative and funny moments to goof off what your buddies for the next couple of centuries. Nastasia for graduating to a new category of indie film. Explorer the anime wonders and creative minds that create these type of moments for us to share life.
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