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Vol. 6 episodes (9)

1 Escape To Amphibia
With one shot at getting the Plantars back to Amphibia, Anne and her parents must go up against Mr. X and the FBI.
2 Commander Anne/ Sprivy
Anne is made leader of the Wartwood Resistance, even though she's not good at the job. Sprig and Ivy devise a scheme to be together.
3 Sasha's Angels/ Olm Town Road
A team of Resistance fighters gets captured by ruthless marauders. Anne and her friends search for the ancient city of Proteus.
4 Mother of Olms/Grime's Pupil
Anne and the crew meet with Mother Olm, who is the keeper of ancient prophecies. Sprig is forced to train with Grime, even though they hate each other.
5 The Core and the King / The Root of Evil
Anne and the Plantars get stuck in a strange village of plant lovers. King Andrias confronts the demons of his past.
6 Newts in Tights/ Fight or Flight
While on a recon mission, Anne and Sprig confront an old mentor. Anne tries to rescue an old friend from one of King Andrias's robot camps.
7 The Three Armies / The Beginning of the End
Anne and Sasha must convince the frogs, newts and toads to work together. The final battle begins.
8 All In
Anne and her friends fight for their lives as the fate of both worlds hangs in the balance.
9 The Hardest Thing
Anne's journey comes to an end.

About this show

Amphibia chronicles the comedic adventures of 13-year-old, Anne Boonchuy who, after stealing a mysterious music box, is magically transported to the world of Amphibia, a wild marshland full of talking frog-people. With the help of an excitable young frog named Sprig, Anne will transform from monster to hero and discover the first true friendship of her life.
210 reviews
Shanley McCray
May 9, 2022
Smh, todos están tan preocupados por sus hijos, es un programa para niños y si realmente prestan atención a cada pequeño detalle, hay detalles de otros programas como los poderes de Ann, por ejemplo, vaya con Dragon Ball Z y como Gravity Falls y también enseña lecciones de vida es Me gustan las personas como ustedes que odian programas como este y le dan un mal nombre. Me disgusta a toda costa. Por favor, mantenga este programa en marcha. Soy una persona emocional y amo este programa con pasión y me he inclinado viendo este programa.
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August 9, 2020
This is a show with much potential. On the surface it's predictable, and the lessons are simple. Many of the "lessons" do not seem to stick with the characters.(Anne seems to make the same risky decisions time and time again) Which is a major problem, but every now and then you see a glimmer of something really special. For example, the over arching plot and the episodes that actually move the plot along, are incredibly enjoyable and very well crafted. Worth a watch just for those moments alone.
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skyler baum
April 19, 2022
This Show Is awsome I Have probably a couple Of hours That i started watching it Im currently at episode 6 i believe and i have been loving it , Really fun to watch it Takes you to a whole New world. It's not as good as The owl House But It works well to watch While waiting for new episodes On the owl house for season 2 [Ps Hope they add Season 3 to the owl House] This show is worth watching , 100% Recomended.I taught it was wierd To be watching this show as a 17 year old but i see some adults.
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