American Titans

2015 • American Heroes Channel
35 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Carnegie vs. Frick
Steel magnate Andrew Carnegie and coal king Henry Clay Frick join forces to dominate America's second Industrial Revolution. Their wealthy empire will crush rivals, destroy the labor movement, and ignite a bitter feud between titans that ends in violence.
2 Rockefeller vs. Scott
John D. Rockefeller, the young new king of kerosene, and Thomas A. Scott, the visionary behind the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, battle for control of America's new oil industry.
3 Edison vs. Tesla
In the late 1800's a new life-changing electrical industry emerges with the two greatest minds of the day, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, backing opposing positions on how the multi-million dollar industry will transmit power for the next century.
4 Vanderbilt vs. Drew
Railroad kingpin Cornelius Vanderbilt takes on his old friend Daniel Drew in a Wall Street war for the Erie Railroad. Vanderbilt has millions, but sly Drew and his protégés, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk are set to break the bank of America's biggest tycoon.
5 Hearst vs. Pulitzer
In the late 1890s when William Randolph Hearst challenges the king of newspaper publishing Joseph Pulitzer in a high stakes circulation war they change publishing forever stopping at nothing to gain the upper hand.
6 Daly vs. Clark
The lawless territory of 1880's Montana remains up for grabs. Two relentless American Titans, William Clark and Marcus Daly, find themselves in a war to control power over the state and to mine millions in copper ore hidden in the “richest hill on earth”.

About this show

American Titans tells the little-known stories of the men who made America what it is today as they emerged from rags to incomprehensible riches.
35 reviews
Gordon Heintzman
August 13, 2015
Claims that there is no connection between the "workers" revolt and the man who tried to kill Fricke to free the "proletariat class" who they call an anarchist. An anarchist does not acknowledge any class system. Freeman is the only title they seek. This is a long evil industrialist good labor union commercial. Tells of Carnegie's philanthropy as a footnote to buy back love from the people. He hundreds of millions to the poor as well as to the cultural infrastructure, and still is played as the villain. His
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lisa reed
November 17, 2019
this is my e mail they keep taking it over um at a shelter homeless because of them opening up my trust fund um at the Anna Marie house in Cincinnati Ohio on reading rd Gregg Cohen here took my trust an ran with it and LL C did the same WHY AM I HOMELESS IM UNDER SANDY SHILOV AND I AM VANDERBILT MONROE KENNEDY HOMELESS
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mark vincent
June 6, 2016
The giants of the industrial revolution duking it out for domination of a new industry
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