American Lawmen

2016 • American Heroes Channel
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Allan Pinkerton: Saving Lincoln
Celebrated P.I. Allan Pinkerton is hired to protect a strategic railroad from attack, but as his investigation unfolds, he uncovers a hidden conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln.
2 Petrosino vs the Mafia
Turn-of-the-century Little Italy is a dangerous place, but as New York City's first Italian-American detective, Joe Petrosino is determined to do whatever it takes to protect his people.
3 Melvin Purvis: The Gangbuster
During the Great Depression, a violent crime wave is sweeping the nation. And it's up to the FBI's Melvin Purvis to lead a massive manhunt for the most dangerous men in America.
4 Sheriff Baker & The Everglades Blood Feud
The Everglades are home to bank robbers, rumrunners, and cold-blooded killers. And Sheriff Bob Baker is determined to take down one of the most infamous and deadly gangs in Florida's history.
5 Dallas Stoudemire: The Hero of El Paso
Lawlessness runs rampant in a notorious Texas outpost and it's up to legendary lawman Dallas Stoudenmire to tame the town known as ‘Hell' Paso.
6 Jelly Bryce: The Perfect Shot
With outlaws firing machine guns in the streets of Oklahoma City, sharpshooting legend Delf ‘Jelly' Bryce is on a collision course with some of the most violent men in America.
7 Tom Smith: The Two-Fisted Marshal of Abeline
Using his fists instead of a pistol, professional boxer turned frontier lawman Tom Smith is determined to clean up ‘Hell on Earth'. This is the little known story of one of the greatest lawmen of the Wild West.
8 Tom Tunney & the Spies of N.Y.
While the First World War rages on in Europe, a German terrorist cell is waging its own secret war on American soil. And when a New York City cop uncovers the plot, he must fight to save his country before it's too late.

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Welcome to the dawn of policing seen through the eyes of the brave few who first picked up a badge in American Lawmen.
3 reviews

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