According to Jim

2001 • ABC
288 reviews
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Season 8 episodes (18)

1 The Blankie
Jim guilts the kids into doing household chores.
2 The New Best Friend
Jim must find Cheryl a replacement best friend ASAP.
3 Jami McFame
Jim's band plays back to a child pop sensation with an attitude..
4 Andy's Proposal
Andy plans a proposal to his girlfriend, which is quickly halted.
5 Two For the Money
Jim casts his two babies in a movie.
6 Cabin Boys
Jim and Andy plan a cabin retreat at Andy's ex-girlfriend's cabin.
7 The Ego Boost
Jim runs into a former girlfriend at a restaurant.
8 The Yoga Bear
Jim is jealous of Cheryl's yoga instructor.
9 Kyle's Crush
Jim prepares Kyle for his first date.
10 Meaningful Gift
Andy turns to Jim for advice.
11 The Daddy Way
Jim turns babysitting his five kids into a sporting event.
12 Physical Therapy
Andy plays snow football with Jim, despite his girlfriend's warning.
13 The Cooler One
Jim tries to be the coolest dad to impress Ruby.
14 Happy Jim
The family takes advantage of a mellow side of Jim.
15 King Of The Nerds
Jim uses sports to bond with Kyle.
16 I Hate The High Road
Jim receives a reward for charity work but Cheryl insists he give it back.
17 Diamonds are a Ghoul's Best Friend
Jim is haunted by a ghost.
18 Heaven Opposed To Hell
Jim is forced to stand trial in Heaven.

About this show

According to Jim, he's got everything under control -- a successful construction business, a happy home, and an adoring wife and family. But his beautiful wife Cheryl and three kids think differently. Starring comedian Jim Belushi, According to Jim proves that dads may not always get their way -- but every dad will have his day.
288 reviews
Elizabeth Lanyon
May 21, 2022
I have got to see all over 100 full episodes in seasons (01 - 08) only on Plex : free streaming service from the Roku streaming stick in the upstairs living room area since either maybe sometime last year this TV sitcom is just hysterical . There is a full movie Showtime TV Network original movie - documentary called " Belushi " also on Plex . I did see episodes with Jim Belushi on SNL , and there are two shows Building : Belushi (One season) and Growing : Belushi (Two Seasons) Discovery Plus .
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J Andre Moore
July 25, 2019
I absolutely LOVE this show. Good clean family funny comedy not seen since Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley. Very well cast. Another show that even if you have seen every episode, it is an awesome rainy weekend binge option! Jim Belushi needs another new series, since this show ended. He is comic genius at it's best!!! J. Andre' Moore - Milton, Georgia.
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Russ T
November 17, 2016
They don't make this kind of comedy anymore. People are too afraid of offending. Suck it up buttercup! Favorite show and way too funny.
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